The second night of The Voice Season 14 Blind Auditions brings more artists that want a chance to be mentored by four of the biggest names in music.

Making Season 14 extra special is the addition of the show's latest coach Kelly Clarkson. The original American Idol champion made her presence known as she recruited three different artists. Also, there is a new element that made the Blind Auditions more exciting: the Block Button.

Blind Audition #1: Levelle Davison - 'To Love Somebody'

Levelle Davison, a worship leader and stylist from Little Rock, Arkansas, decided to press his luck with The Voice as his hometown does not have the opportunity to pursue a full-time music career. He tackled the Bee Gees classic, "To Love Somebody."

His soulful and gritty vocals remind viewers of a young Seal. Davison also has tremendous conviction in his voice. Both Adam Levine and Blake Shelton were the only ones to turn around. Blake Shelton told him that he would be honored to be Davison's coach.

Meanwhile, Adam Levine bonded with Davison about their passion for R&B and soul music. Davison decided to enlist in Team Adam and the father of two predicted that he would be a finalist.

Blind Audition #2: Jaclyn Lovey - 'Can't Help Falling in Love'

16-year-old Jaclyn Lovey's small town supported her every step of the way. The young artist seemed like an old soul, even when she sang Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling in Love."

Lovey's voice was soft but mesmerized the audience and even convinced both Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys to turn their chairs around. Kelly Clarkson stated that no one on the show did not sound like Lovey and Alicia Keys called Lovey's voice as "pure."

Blake even admitted that Lovey's performance imagined himself riding a unicorn surrounding by Care Bears. However, Alicia Keys tried to bond with Lovey regarding classic songs and picked Alicia to be her coach.

Blind Audition #3: Molly Stevens - 'Heavenly Day'

Molly Stevens, from Raleigh, North Carolina, moved to Nashville in 2010 and she ground her away across Music City. Her musical journey took her to Universal Studios Hollywood, where she hoped that The Voice could provide her with guidance.

She tackled Patti Griffin's "Heavenly Day" and showcased her husky and powerful vocals. Stevens caught the attention of both Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson.

Both Adam Levine and Alicia Keys tried to convince Stevens to join Team Kelly. They were successful in their mission as Blake lost his third artist in the row and he admitted that the show was rigged.

Blind Audition #4: Dylan Hartigan - 'Danny's Song'

21-year-old Dylan Hartigan had some success when he was younger. He appeared on The Black Donnellys and the remake of The Stepford Wives. He also was in a boy band for a short period, but Hartigan decided to remake himself into a folk rocker.

Hartigan tackled Loggins and Messina's "Danny's Song" and showcased his excellent tenor voice and a great falsetto. Thankfully, Kelly Clarkson was the only coach that turned around.

Clarkson stated that he could be a dark horse. Plus, longtime fans could recall the last time that a coach won with an artist that was a one-chair turn was Team Alicia's Chris Blue in Season 12.

Blind Audition #5: Pryor Baird - 'I Don't Need No Doctor'

35-year-old Pryor Baird made a magical entrance with his rough but mighty vocals. He tackled Ray Charles' "I Don't Need No Doctor."

Baird's swamp rock cover caught the attention of all four coaches. Kelly Clarkson loved his soulful vocals, but Adam Levine loved the way that he incorporated the electric guitar on his performance.

Blake Shelton called Baird an incredible vocalist and is jealous of his voice. Alicia Keys stated that Baird has a powerful voice and admired his range. She also added that she is the only coach that could match him vocally. Baird decided to enlist with Team Blake.