The Best Team Blake Performances In 'The Voice' History

Blake Shelton is the reigning champion coach of the NBC singing competition, The Voice. For the past 13 seasons, he has introduced audiences to incredible artists in his team.

Enstars is celebrating the diverse group of artists to have competed on Team Blake for the past 13 seasons by counting down the best performances in Team Blake history.

#8 Chloe Kohanski: "Call Me" (Season 13)

Our countdown kicks off with the show's latest champion, Chloe Kohanski. During the show's Top 10 week, Kohanski performed Blondie's "Call Me." The song brilliantly showcased her husky alto-like vocals, while both the home and studio audiences found themselves transported to one of Kohanski's concerts.

#7 Craig Wayne Boyd: "The Old Rugged Cross (Season 7)

Coming in at number 7 is Team Blake's fourth winner in the show, Craig Wayne Boyd. Boyd secured a spot in the Season 7 finale by singing the gospel ballad "The Old Rugged Cross."  The Texas native touched the hearts of viewers with his gorgeous tenor vocals and made his coach proud.

#6 Dia Frampton: "Losing My Religion" (Season 1)

The first-ever runner-up of The Voice was Team Blake's Dia Frampton. She became an instant fan-favorite through her unique take with some of the best songs of the 1990s and 2000s.  Frampton sang an excellent cover of R.E.M.'s "Losing My Religion" in the semifinals, which earned her a place in the Season 1 finale.

#5 Sarah Potenza: "Wasted Love" (Season 8)

One of Team Blake's standout rockstars was Season 8's Sarah Potenza. She became the first artist in the show's history to perform an original song by a member of The Voice alumni, Season 7 runner-up Matt McAndrew's "Wasted Love." During the Knockout Rounds, Shelton recruited McAndrew to inspire Potenza, and thanks to his encouragement; she delivered one of the season's best vocals.

#4 Jermaine Paul: "God Gave Me You" (Season 2)

Former Alicia Keys background singer Jermaine Paul was one of the best performers in the show's sophomore season. Paul brilliantly spun his soulful voice into every song that Shelton threw at him. During the final night of the Season 2 competition, Paul paid homage to his coach by performing Shelton's hit, "God Gave Me You."  Paul became Shelton's first artist to win the show.

#3 Cassadee Pope: "Cry" (Season 3)

Former Hey Monday lead vocalist Cassadee Pope auditioned for The Voice in hopes of starting a solo career.  After weeks of competition, Pope secured her victory when she tackled Faith Hill's "Cry."  Pope delivered a brilliant combination of rock and country vocals which secured her future. She became the first woman to win The Voice.

#2 Sundance Head: "The Climb" (Season 11)

During Season 11's Knockout Rounds, Sundance Head took a risk and performed an acoustic version of then-coach Miley Cyrus's hit "The Climb." By only strumming his guitar, Head gave a vulnerable vocal performance that had Cyrus singing the song from her chair. He also gave fans a strong case of the goosebumps with his brilliant interpretation.

#1 Sisaundra Lewis: "Oh Sherrie" (Season 6)

Sisaundra Lewis will go down in The Voice history as one of the greatest artists to ever appear on the show. Celine Dion's former vocal director delivered astonishing vocal performances that longtime fans of the show still remember to this day. During Season 6's Top 10 week, Lewis took a huge risk and performed Steve Perry's "Oh Sherrie."  According to the New York Daily News, Adam Levine himself stated that she sang the roof off of the soundstage when her powerful soprano vocals held those elongated notes at the end of the tune.

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