The Originals mainstay cast Matt Davis and Danielle Rose Russell are rumored to star in a spin-off series focusing on Hope Mikaelson's story.

CW president Mark Pedowitz previously announced in August that there have been talks between the show's executives to follow through Russell's character. In The Originals, Hope is a combination of a witch, a werewolf, and a vampire.

"There's been many discussions about the character Hope," Pedowitz said in an interview. "I'm very interested if she [Julie Plec] wishes to do it in the 'The Vampire Diaries' universe," he added.

Plec, who is the creator and writer of The Vampire Diaries and Containment, teased that it is possible that the spin-off show will be on a boarding school. However, no details are revealed yet since the project remains in the development phase.

Russell and Davis are also joined by co-CW stars Quincy Fouse, Jenny Boyd, Kaylee Bryant, and Aria Shahghasemi, who will appear in the fifth season of The Originals.

Sneak Peek

The potential spin-off show will most likely be a blast from the past similar to The Originals, which is an off-shoot series of The Vampire Diaries. Rumor has it that the spin-off will revolve around the lives of the younger characters of The Originals, which will be featured in a compilation of video clips taken from the last 13 episodes.

There is no word yet from the producers of the show on the finality of the casting lineup, although it is said that some familiar actors will appear in the new show occasionally.

Fans also speculate that Fouse is likely to play M.G., a famous and brilliant nerd, alongside Bryant who is said to portray the quietly ambitious and highly intelligent Bethanne. Boyd, on the other hand, is slated to be Christina with a cheerful personality and known for her gossiping and mischief.

Tyler Lockwood Rejoins CW Gang

Joining CW's list of new shows, Michael Trevino is tapped to play Tyler Lockwood in the revival of Roswell. Trevino also portrayed Lockwood for eight straight seasons on The Vampire Diaries before the show ended. The Roswell pilot episode is written by Carina MacKenzie, who also co-wrote episodes for The Originals.

Based on the Roswell High book series by Melinda Metz, the new Roswell episode will reflect the realities of immigration in the Mexican border.

The plot revolves around the story of a police officer, whose real identity as an alien was discovered by a daughter of immigrants. The daughter is bound to protect his identity as they fight greater alien invasion that is affecting human lives on Earth.