SNL Takes On ‘The Bachelor’ Finale With Robert Mueller In ‘Cold Open’ Skit

The whole world is obsessing over The Bachelor finale last week including Saturday Night Live, which lampooned it in the most topical way.

Painfully True

The cold open to the latest show saw two of the most headline-dominating stories of the week colliding as The Bachelor cast none other than special prosecutor Robert Mueller as its leading man.

Alex Moffat, starring as host Chris Harrison, introduced Cecily Strong as Becca K. waiting for the now-infamous split-screen, unedited dumping scene to take place.

Rather than Arie Luyendyk Jr. turning up to meet her, however, in strolls Kate Mc Kinnon's Robert Mueller, complete with age and occupation displayed at the bottom of the screen, in keeping with the dating show's format.

"I've been struggling a little bit over the last few months just, like, trying to figure this whole thing out and, like, grasp everything, and the reality is that I don't... I don't think that I can give you everything that you want right now, you know, and I think you sense that," McKinnon-as-Mueller told Becca K.

Becca K. inquired as to whether Mueller meant he didn't have actual proof of collusion between the Trump administration and Russia.

"I'm just trying to be honest and tell you that I can't commit to collusion right now," he responded sadly.

Becca K. then rattles off all the proof thus far, from the indictment of 13 Russian suspects to the just-released details of a secret, Seychelles-based meeting between a Trump supporter and a Russian businessman. Echoing the real woman's disappointment, Becca K. tells Mueller that collusion is all she's wanted for the past year.

He explains that he can't stop thinking about obstruction, echoing Arie's claims he couldn't stop thinking about Lauren B, whom he eventually went back to and, to whom he is now engaged.

Again, in keeping with how it played out, in reality, Mueller hangs around like a bad smell even after Becca K. has asked him to leave several times.

He even tries to comfort her by asking about American steel, a reference to the President's recently-imposed tariffs on the imported materials. Thankfully, Becca soon cheers up when she finds out she's going to be the next bachelorette.

Plenty Of Inspiration

SNL has been relying on skewering other members of the Trump administration lately, without Alec Baldwin's celebrated impression of the President to fall back on. Later on in the show, host Sterling K. Brown impersonated HUD Secretary Ben Carson in a crossover parody with This Is Us.

Baldwin recently revealed in an interview that playing the President was agonizing, leading Trump himself to reply on Twitter and tell him how bad he was in the role. Eager to get the last word, Baldwin soon responded to assure Trump he'd be hanging around at least until his impeachment began.

The Bachelor finale caused the widespread uproar when it aired last week, with many calling out the show's producers for exploiting Becca K.'s pain for their own gain. Her ex-fiancé has become public enemy number one, with billboards popping up calling for him to leave the country.

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