Fans have hardly finished drying their tears, but new information about the third season of This Is Us is already here. 

A Tale Of Life And Death

Following the shocking death of main character Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), and the wave of heartbreak that ensued after, This Is Us executive producers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger were quick to point out that season 3 will focus on his life rather than his untimely demise.

The duo was on the season 2 finale aftershow, providing insight into what fans can expect from the upcoming season. After viewers spent the most of the series finding out all about how Jack died and watching his kids finally learning to let go, they will reportedly know lots about Jack's life before his death next time around.

"I think season three ... is going to be more about his life and sort of focusing on these chapters that we haven't yet seen," Berger revealed.

Jack may have left the followers of the show somewhat prematurely, but it doesn't mean there isn't more to learn about his character. The two were sure to cite that Jack has already hinted to Rebecca that there are things about him she doesn't know or understand. With him out of the way, it might be the perfect opportunity to explore such strands.

The devastating finale found Kevin heading out to Vietnam in search of information about his father and uncle. That plot point will likely continue in season 3, giving some answers about who Jack was.

What Could Have Been

Likewise, fans also got a glimpse of what life could have been like if he had lived. In a fun twist to the show's format, Kate dreamed about her parents renewing their wedding vows after 40 years together.

This element was the hardest for certain fans of the show particularly, as it forced Kate to finally heal from the loss of her father. She's dealing with feelings of guilt over being happy in the wake of the loss.

"The whole episode for Kate is really this struggle of how to let go ... of her grief for her father and move into this new relationship with Toby," Aptaker explained.

As for Jack's much-discussed old-man finale appearance, Ventimiglia hoped it would soften the blow for fans devastated by the loss of his character.

He was quick to confirm, however, that it was a one-off and fans eager to see more of 0ld man Jack in season 3 will be sorely disappointed.

His co-star on the show, Mandy Moore (Rebecca), saw the vow renewal fantasy as the ideal way to end the season, although it did make her wistful for what might have been.

The third season of This Is Us drops on NBC in September.

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