Scheana Marie attempted to set up Brittany Cartwright with new SUR server Adam Spott on this week's episode of Vanderpump Rules and now, fans are wondering if she's still friends with Jax Taylor.

During an interview hours after the episode aired, Scheana Marie spoke about Taylor and Cartwright's relationship, revealing that despite her efforts to set Cartwright up with someone new, she doesn't think Cartwright and Taylor will part ways anytime soon.

“I think if Jax and Brittany were doomed it would’ve been doomed already,” Scheana Marie told Us Weekly on March 13. “The fact that they have made it through the hardest parts of, hopefully the hardest thing that their relationship will ever go through. I think that they’re in it for the long run now.”

Taylor cheated on Cartwright with Faith Stowers before season 6 was filmed and throughout the past several weeks, the affair has been highly discussed by the couple and their co-stars. Meanwhile, a number of their co-stars have expressed concern for Cartwright and wanted to see her walk away from the cheating reality star.

Although many Vanderpump Rules cast members have advised Cartwright to break up with Taylor, Scheana Marie said that the couple actually has a "very solid foundation and relationship." She also said that she will continue to support Cartwright whether she stays with Taylor or leaves him.

As for her relationship with Taylor, whom she used to be quite close to, Scheana Marie admitted that they don't talk as much as they used to.

“We don’t speak as much right now just because he was dealing with a lot of family issues and I was giving him his space with everything he was going through, but I reached out a couple times, let him know I was there and if he needed anything,” she explained.

Scheana Marie went on to say that she loves Taylor and thinks of him as a brother but admitted that their dynamics was often of "love and hate." That said, it seems to be more "hate" than anything in recent weeks as they remain active in one another's relationship.

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