Netflix's has released a trailer for its newest dark drama film 6 Balloons, which stars Abbi Jacobson and Dave Franco.

The trailer for 6 Balloons at a first glance seemed to look like a fun family movie, especially when one considers Jacobson and Franco's credits, which are mostly on the comedic side. That is why the trailer became a little bit of a shocker when it eventually turned dark, as it touched one of the most pressing issues nowadays: heroin addiction.

Netflix's trailer may have been more than just 90 seconds, but it launched a lot of punches and had already gotten its message across its viewers. 6 Balloons delve on how the family struggles with the relapsing addict and shows just how the issue could affect familial relationship.

Broad City's Jacobson plays Katie, while Franco plays Seth. They are siblings who travel to Los Angeles one night to find a detox center. Along with them is Katie's 2-year-old daughter, but the ride was far from smooth.

At one point, Franco can be heard sobbing, asking for "a last hit."

"I have done everything for you," Jacobson said.

Then a juxtaposition of chaotic scenes ensued. One of the striking scenes was when Jacobson and her daughter are in a toilet stall, and Franco was on another injecting himself with something.

Additionally, the trailer was lauded, citing its cinematography, which easily lets the viewers put themselves into the film. If executed properly, the storyline could put the audience into an emotional rollercoaster ride.


In an interview with Business Insider, Franco revealed the sacrifices he made just for his character in 6 Balloons. Apparently, he had to lose weight in order to give accuracy and truthfulness into his heroin addict role.

"I was running all day every day to lose weight and I ended up messing up my knee to the point that when we finished production I had to go to physical therapy for a couple of months," Franco shared.

6 Balloons is directed by Marja-Lewis Ryan, who also wrote the script. This will be the second project for the fairly new filmmaker, who was also set to write Splash, which stars Jillian Bell and Channing Tatum. Ryan's first directorial stint was Liked, released in 2017.

Other cast members are Tim Matheson and Jane Kaczmarek, Charlotte Carel, and Dawan Owens. So for those awaiting 6 Balloons, they will have to wait until April 6 to finally watch the film on Netflix.