The latest episode of The Assassination of Gianna Versace: American Crime Story is focusing on Andrew Cunanan's origin story. Actor Matt Bomer also shares how thrilled he was to direct the newest installment of the critically acclaimed series.

Matt Boomer Is The Right Man For The Job

The new episode, marking Bomer's directorial debut, gives the audience an insight into the making of a monster as Cunanan's terrifying father Modesto, played by Jon Briones, came to the fore.

Bomer has been working with producer Ryan Murphy on hit shows Glee and American Horror Story. Reportedly, it may have even been Murphy who influenced him to get behind the camera in the first place.

"He mentioned to me that I should direct at some point, and I didn't think much of it at the time. I think he knew I needed to be creatively re-inspired and reinvigorated. He called me in December and said, 'Hey, I want you to direct!' ... It was really the best thing that's happened to me in a long time," Bomer gushed.

Moreover, Bomer dedicated a huge amount of time and effort to prepare for his new gig. He read books, did an intensive course at the Directors Guild, and even shadowed a couple other directors on the show before his turn came. Although he didn't get to choose which episode to direct, Bomer was glad to get the origin episode for Cunanan.

"I'm grateful I got the episode I did. It's such a psychological episode, and we wanted to do it in a Sidney Lumet-esque style," he revealed.

As for working with fellow Glee alum Darren Criss, who plays Cunanan on the show, Bomer was impressed by his buddy's performance.

"I would look at his face and it was like he had been possessed by this soul. It was really creepy to see and amazing to watch and inspiring," he described.

Bomer has no immediate plans to get behind a director's chair again, but he really enjoyed the process and certainly hasn't ruled it out for the future. For what it's worth, actor Briones couldn't believe it was his first gig, given how good he was a director.

Bomer is set to star next in a Broadway show The Boys in the Band.

Another Angle Entirely

Meanwhile, Cunanan's real-life father is reportedly making a documentary about his son's murderous crime spree. Modesto "Pete" Cunanan is looking to interview certain people who knew Andrew around that time, and is seeking to be named executor of his son's will.

Modesto has reportedly turned down several high-profile offers from film studios looking for the rights to his son's story. He was still living in Manila, Philippines when he heard about what had happened in Los Angeles.

Andrew Cunanan is the prime suspect in five different murders, with his fingerprint discovered at one crime scene. His most high-profile kill was Versace, and is the hook for Murphy's show.

Modesto still believes his son was unfairly treated by the American press. He plans to use the documentary to set the record straight.