Andie MacDowell On Nudity For 'Love After Love': 'I Felt No Shame'

Andie MacDowell couldn't care less on her nudity for her newest film Love After Love, saying she "felt no shame."

The actress recently got candid in her interview with Page Six about her latest film, which had her speaking about her unique role. The 59-year-old narrated how the role became an opener to lots of opportunities.

MacDowell shared that she didn't feel any hint of embarrassment for the sex scenes in Love After Love, which she did with on-screen partner Chris O'Dowd, because of the importance of it to the character she was playing.

"I've done sex scenes before and felt all right this time because I knew everyone around. I didn't care who was there. I felt no shame. The crew was cut back. Precautions were taken," MacDowell said.

It would suffice to say that she did it for the art. Indeed, MacDowell announced that the scenes were essential for her role, so with her efforts, it goes to show how dedicated she was to her craft. To prove that she was comfortable seeing her nudity scenes, she revealed she watched the film three times already and claimed she was "fine watching it." Furthermore, the actress seemed to practice the same rules in her family.

Family Rule

It can be remembered that her daughter, 23-year-old actress Margaret Qualley, had also been naked in a film. MacDowell said that how she was brought up, coming from a conservative family, was a far cry from how she is raising her family.

"I have never made my family ashamed of their bodies. Different from my own background," she said.

Praiseworthy Moves

Baring it all and earning a lot of attention clearly have a lot to say. For one, she might probably had done something right. As mentioned, the scenes were required to give justice to an emotional character and her family life, and opting to do nudity could add to the artistic value of the thespic, so her move can be lauded for that.

Then her confidence clearly shone through. Her interview spoke, not of boast, but of credence. At 59, she sure has a rocking body, which can be cited to her active lifestyle and healthy diet. Most people her age already have high levels of cholesterol, but not this St. Elmo's Fire actress.

To keep her body in shape, she does yoga and hikes regularly. MacDowell also admitted that she prioritizes her health, so obviously she doesn't let her hectic schedule get in the way of maintaining her lifestyle.

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