Cynthia Nixon Says Donald Trump Inspired Her To Run For Office And Wants To Legalize Marijuana

Cynthia Nixon, who is best known for her role as the "tough as nails" lawyer Miranda Hobbs on the hit HBO show Sex and the City, has grabbed the headlines as she announced her intention to run for governor of New York.

While Nixon isn't the first celebrity to run for office, the actress, unfortunately, already has the odds stacked against her. Aside from the fact that Andrew Cuomo, a two-term Democrat, is a tough opponent for the gubernatorial race, she was recently criticized for her sexual orientation and called an unqualified lesbian.

Nixon made her first unexpected TV appearance on April 4 at The Wendy Williams Show. The actress spoke of her plans for New York, her days during Sex and the City, and why Donald Trump becoming the country's president served as a wake-up call for her.

Cynthia Nixon For Governor Of New York

Williams delved right into Nixon's overall goals for New York and why she has chosen a different career path. Nixon addressed her decision to run for governor of New York and her prior status as a celebrity.

"It is tough. People talk a lot to me about being a celebrity entering this race. I have to say, when Andrew Cuomo ran eight years ago, he was a celebrity because he was the son of Mario Cuomo," Nixon stated.

She continued that when Trump became the U.S. President, it dawned on her that if the people don't like the direction the government is going, then it's time for someone to step up and make a change.

Nixon also addressed the tragic shooting and death of an unarmed African-American man, Stephon Clark. She elaborated that she plans to fix the gun control laws and give the African-American community a voice.

"They are the cornerstone, they are the backbone of the Democratic Party and we need to let them lead. Black women are going to stop showing up for the Democratic Party if the Democratic Party doesn't show up for them," Nixon said.

As for her stance on marijuana, the actress is in totally in favor of legalizing it in New York.

"I'm absolutely for the legalization of marijuana. Let's capture some of that revenue," Nixon stated.

Nixon's interview on The Wendy Williams Show was taped on Tuesday, April 3, and aired on Wednesday.

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