John Legend Text Kanye West About His Support For Donald Trump, Rapper Posts Texts On Twitter

Kanye West’s friends can’t talk him out of his support for Donald Trump. The rapper tweeted texts from John Legend amid the controversy.

John Legend Tries To Get Kanye West To The Other Side

In the first text, Legend pleaded with West to reconsider his backing for Trump. Legend pointed out West’s major following and influence over his millions of fans.

He said West’s political views truly resonate with the ones who admire him. He added while West’s followers “respect” his perspective, many are taken aback considering that the nature of Trump’s policies has a pattern of harming the Black community.

In the message West posted, he responded and told Legend he “appreciates” his opinion. Still, he accused Legend of attempting to have a negative influence over his “free thought” by bringing up his fans, a strategy West told Legend is “based on fear.”

Legend encouraged West to continue to develop perspectives freely but reminded him that he should use “empathy and context” as well. After West posted the texts, Legend joked that since West was sharing their messages with millions of fans, the rapper should share that Legend just released a new song.

Kanye Stands By The President

West followed it up with a tweet that said he decided to share Legend’s text to prove that while he respects the opinion of those that do not agree with him, he is not going to change his mind about standing with Trump.

He went on to say that he is still “the kid from the telethon” that blasted former President George Bush for not caring about the Black community on a live special. That comment was amid the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

West also tweeted he is still “empathetic” to others and pointed out that many do not think Trump’s campaigns and policies are compassionate.

“This is year one,” added West. “We can’t add empathy to [Make America Great Again] by hating. We can only ad empathy with love and time and truly hearing all sides.”

He also surely promoted Legend’s new single.

It's Still All Good

It might be safe to say the two were able to agree to disagree and keep their friendship intact. Meanwhile, Legend's wife Teigen just wanted to make sure she and Legend were still good for a double date with West and his wife, Kim Kardashian. Kardashian said yes, but joked they shouldn't bring their phones.

Their conversation came just days after Legend wrote a series of tweets of his own after news had hit that West is still an avid supporter of Trump. He wrote that even artists and celebrities cannot ignore the reality of racism as he added that Trump has allegedly made it clear that he is an advocate of White supremacy.

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