Clayne Crawford has been booted out of Fox's comedy series Lethal Weapon. The news came just days before the network releases its fall 2018 lineup.

Crawford, who plays Martin Riggs, one of the main stars of the show, is removed from the hit show as Lethal Weapon's fate for another season remains up in the air. It is believed that the actor's erratic behavior on the set has greatly affected the show's renewal, and now that he is axed from the show, Warner Bros. is pressed in finding another actor to catch his role.

It was reported that the studio has been searching for Crawford's replacement for weeks already, and while the company have approached numerous actors, the role remains free as of now. The 40-year-old had gotten a bad reputation after two incidences revealed his behavior behind the camera.


He addressed this last week via Instagram and gave details about his not-so-impressive attitude on set. The first incident, according to Crawford, was when he got mad of what he deemed was unsafe working condition. He then added that the director and assistant director got angry with him as well for his concerns.

Of this, he already met with human resources and had since apologized for his outburst. A part of his salary went to another person involved in the incident, as per orders of the studio.

The second situation happened when he was directing an episode. Crawford narrated that one actor got hit by a shrapnel and complained of an unsafe working environment. For his part, the Rectify actor owed up and took responsibility for this incident on the set of Lethal Weapon.

"I apologize to all the cast and crew for any negative attention 'Lethal Weapon' is receiving because of these incidents," Crawford said.

However, as much as he was sorry for the two instances, it seemed that it wasn't enough to secure his spot being a star of Lethal Weapon, which remains unrenewed for a third season. It was believed that these situations had put the series in jeopardy, which is notably performing good.

Meanwhile, Lethal Weapon Season 2 just wrapped up its production. So if Crawford is indeed fired, his contract may just not be renewed for the third season after it expires, that is, if the network is still willing to work with the team for the third run despite the controversies it had stirred.

Of this news, Crawford took to social media to poke fun of the issue. He gave a short caption and attached #LethalWeapon and #Fox. He followed this up with another tweet.

"Wait, wait, can't fire me on my day off!" Crawford wrote.