Doctors, Nurses Weigh In On Sex Scenes In ‘Grey’s Anatomy’


As the latest season of Grey's Anatomy wraps up, several questions remain unanswered. The most important relates to all of the series' steamy sex scenes. 

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains details from the season 14 finale of Grey’s Anatomy.

Getting To The Core Of The Issue

Huffington Post tasked a group of doctors and nurses with answering whether the sex scenes featured on the hit show are realistic or not. The news website gave them several of the raunchiest scenarios from the show and asked if any of these could ever actually happen in real life.

First up, all of those hookups in various on-call rooms definitely do not happen because, most of the time, the areas themselves are just too gross. According to a Philadelphia-based nurse, the stairwells are actually where most of the action takes place. Another nurse from Boston corroborated her claim.

As for those racy doctor-junior hookups, they're more common than most viewers would think, but they don't always end well. Likewise, cheating scandals akin to the infamous McDreamy vs. McSteamy debacle does actually happen, albeit not as messily as portrayed on Grey's Anatomy.

Colleagues do tend to go out and get hammered together, too. Also, there are instances of people stealing drugs or using them just to make it through those long night shifts.

Those who are wondering if the spooky goings-on in Seattle Grace has occurred elsewhere can relax because most of the weirder elements can be chalked up to malfunctioning equipment or sleep deprivation. Overall and unsurprisingly, most of the drama on shows, such as Grey's Anatomyare way exaggerated.

"The drama on Grey's Anatomy definitely was way more extreme than anything I encountered in a real hospital," remarked one pediatrician.

A Fitting End

The season 14 finale of the hit medical drama certainly has its fair share of drama. Longtime fan favorite characters Dr. Arizona Robbins and April Kepner both said goodbye to the show as actresses Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew finished up.

Robbins moves to New York to be closer to her daughter's mother. Kepner, meanwhile, heads off to provide medical care for the homeless.

The final episode revolved around a disastrous wedding ceremony as Alex and Jo finally tied the knot, although, everything came together in the end.

The big reveal came with news of Bailey's pregnancy. Fans, however, will have to wait until next season to see if it's Owen's baby.

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