This Is Us may be wrapping up sooner than fans think. According to star Mandy Moore, part of the last season has already been shot.

The End Is In Sight

Moore was speaking at the For Your Consideration event in L.A. when she dropped the bombshell. ET noted Moore's co-star, Sterling K. Brown, had recently revealed that they all know how the show will end and asked her whether the finale was already shot. 

"I don't know! Maybe parts of the ending have been shot!" she fumbled.

No confirmation has been made about when the hugely popular series might finish up, but Moore advised she's comfortable knowing creator Dan Fogelman has thoroughly considered the characters' story-lines.

"It gives me solace to at least know that Dan knows how the show is going to end. ... There is sort of a through line and a punctuation point and he knows how it all comes together," she explained.

Fogelman himself confirmed during the panel that their main concern is telling the story the right way and that he has, indeed, shot certain moments from the big finale in keeping with that idea. Parts of the all-important ending may already be in the books, but Moore promised that it's still a long way off. The whole cast is aware that This Is Us won't exist forever, though, and they're fine with that.

The Third Season Tie-In

For the moment, they're focusing on season 3, for which filming begins in July. Moore hinted that she and her cast-mates were surprised by some of Fogelman's revelations about what's to come for their characters.

Much like fans eager to know what happens with the Pearson family, though, they're going to have to wait until a bit closer to the time.

"We want to know everything too ... but the sit-down... probably won't happen until a couple of weeks from now when we are closer to shooting," she said.

Fogelman teased that a season 3 plot-point may even feature in the show's eventual ending, too, but he wasn't giving away anything more than that. During the panel, the cast and crew also revealed a thrilling, behind-the-scenes video of Ventimiglia rehearsing for his big hero moment during the Super Bowl episode's fire scene.

The third season of the hit drama hits NBC this fall.