Salma Hayek expressed her happiness for hitting yet another milestone on Instagram.

She's celebrating hitting 12 million followers by posting a rather steamy photo. Her followers could not help but rave of her beauty online. Her most recent photo was an instant hit!

The actress-turned-director posted a revealing photo of herself in celebration of all the followers she has on the social media app. Hayek can be seen laying nude with what looked like acupuncture needles on her back.

She looked serene and at peace.

The photo caption began with her message expressing her appreciation for all the love and support that her fans and followers have shown her. Further into the caption, she expressed her delight with the number of followers that has reached 12 million. She also wrote about what the needles were for.

The 53-year-old actress continued to say that every needle was for health and well-being. Each one was a representative of every million of her followers. Hayek is known for her advocacy of self-love.

This was not the first time that Hayek has showed some skin in celebration of an important milestone.

In September, she posted a picture of herself in a hot cerulean bikini. It was in celebration of her 53rd birthday. She captioned the photo with a question if she was really 53.

It taunted her followers to leave comments saying she didn't look her age at all. The post garnered more than one million likes and almost 50,000 comments.

Salma Hayek has been known for her honesty. People adore her because she has always been open about her so-called misfortunes. In fact, in her recent interviews, she would talk of the bloopers she has had in both her personal life and her life under the limelight.

In one of her recent interviews, she spoke about her husband's cheating .. or so she thought. They both agreed they would learn a common language -- English -- both foreign to them. When the husband took an extra step and got himself some help to improve his language, Salma thought he was cheating on her with a woman named Elsa.

In a dramatic scene over dinner, she confronted her husband about the woman sending him messages on the phone. When he explained that it was an app designed to help him with his English, she was embarrassed. She wasn't expecting it to be just an app. They both laughed about it, and the incident became a staple joke in the household.

Salma Hayek was last seen at the Saint Laurent Womenswear Spring and Summer 2020 collection show as part of the Paris Fashion Week. She was in Paris in September of this year to take part in the show.

With another skin revealing post, each of her 12 million followers is wondering what's next for Salma Hayek. They remain hopeful that she becomes more active in the movie scene. Everyone's waiting for her next big project.