Kim Kardashian No Longer 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians,' Can't Wait to See Show Ends


Is this the end of the Kardashians on TV? After more than a decade, 16 seasons and over 200 episodes, are the sisters already putting an end to Keeping Up with the Kardashians (KUWTK), their long-running reality family TV show? 

In a article, Kim Kardashian says they're firing their sister, Kourtney Kardashian, from the show. "She's out," as she's quoted in a separate clip, clearly expressing how furious she is at the eldest among the Kardashian sisters whom she angrily describes as "fake."

Even Kourtney herself expresses how she looks forward to the show's end. When their other sister, Khloe Kardashian, asks her if she would be happy to see their show end, her immediate answer is, "Yeah, who cares?" 

Kim and Kourtney's Cracked Relationship

Kourtney admits it doesn't matter to her anymore if their long-running family reality show ends, as she has other priorities than the role she plays.

The huge fight between Kourtney and Kim is not something new to their regular audience. In several occasions for more than 10 years in the series, they are seen butting heads over a lot of things -- including fashion and parenting styles. 

However, just recently, someone close to the reality TV stars reveals that the two Kardashian sisters can no longer stand each other, let alone stay in one room together. In fact, the source adds, Kourtney has hated her younger sister for years already.

If Kim calls her "fake," Kourtney describes her sister as "mean," which is the reason why she doesn't want to be on the show with her anymore. The older Kardashian sister says she has much better things to attend to than be with and kiss up to her younger sibling.

What makes it even more complicated between Kourtney and Kim is their difference in life's priorities. The majority of Kim's life revolves around stardom, while Kourtney's is revolving mostly around the new lifestyle site, Poosh, which she owns.

In its September episode, KUWTK followers saw Kim confiding to their mom, Kris Jenner. Here she tells her about the biggest fight she just had with Kourtney. Kim complains about her older sister, who's no longer that involved in their family business because of Poosh. 

The Kardashian sisters' feud has been going on since the show's Season 16. While there are people who have foreseen the nearing end of the reality TV show, a lot more from the audience speculate that this is just the beginning of a more exciting and compelling story -- not only for the two sisters but for the whole Kardashian family, as well.

Season 17 has just started, and the audience still sees a lot of Kourtney on the show. There's not even a sign of 'goodbye' from any of the family members on KUWTK.

There may be screaming between Kim and Kourtney, but the family spirit lives and lingers on. That's evident when Kim goes to the White House for the promotion of her work at the criminal justice. Along with her, the whole Kardashian household went and cheered on her. 

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