Shane Dawson - Jeffree Star Collab: Resold Merch, New Cosmetics, Docu-Series and More!

In a matter of hours, Shane Dawson's merchandise in collaboration with fellow Youtuber Jeffree Star has reportedly been sold out.

Fans already know that their collaboration was going to be crazy, but they have definitely underestimated how crazy it would become.

The merch was released ahead of Dawson and Star's makeup collaboration. When Dawson's merch went live on Tuesday, everything was sold out within minutes.

Shane Dawson's Merch Items 

On Wednesday, the following items were available on

- Black pig 'OH MY GOD' Joggers ($45)

- Two pig backpacks in black and pink ($80)

- 'Conspiracy' t-shirt ($25) and 'Conspiracy' hoodie ($45)

- Two pig baseball caps ($25 each)

- Black pig Sliders ($40)

- Two phone cases: one 'SD' illuminati design and one black pig design ($18 each)

- An Andrew Siwicki 'EdiTEAing' hoodie ($55, in three different colours)

The collection, which were already teased in his documentary series featuring Jeffree Star, has two pig backpacks, a selection of hoodies and other iconic products. The size ranges from small all the way up to a 4X large.

They have also included sizing measurements on their website. In a Twitter post, Dawson thanked his fans and Star for their support. Star later revealed that Dawson's launch was one of his company's biggest launches.

The duo has also confirmed that there will be a restock happening soon after a lot of fans weren't able to purchase some of their goods.

The collection is also not limited edition and not a one-time drop.


Because the launch was so big and the demand was so high, some people are now selling items from the collection on eBay for ridiculous prices.

The big backpack item was reportedly listed at $500, compared to its original price of $80. The pair of pig slides which retails at $40, are now being sold for $200.

Seeing as the demand for the Youtuber's merchandise were so high, counterfeit items will probably make their way into reselling sites and marketplaces.

Prior to the launch, Dawson teased that he will be restocking the collection soon, but he didn't give a specific release date. However, there's also more Jeffree x Shane products coming once the holiday comes.

Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson Cosmetics Collaboration

Aside from Star's Killer Merch, he also has a cosmetics company which usually sells out.

Dawson has teased fans for over a year now that the pair agreed to collaborate on an eyeshadow palette. As seen on the docu-series, they have already started choosing the colors, names and packaging. It's expected to arrive shortly after the holidays.

The palette is going to be called the "Conspiracy Palette" that goes along with the sweatshirt theme he already has on his merch. Aside from the eyeshadow palette, there will be another palette and six liquid lipsticks.

The palette has eighteen shades while the Mini-Controversy palette will have nine. There will also be a pig mirror to be released the same time as the makeup collection drops.

Fans are currently anticipating the makeup line, which is set to be released once their nine-part docu-series ends. There's a weekly episode, with the last episode airing at the end of November.

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