PewDiePie Thinking About Retiring From YouTube? 'Don't Tempt Me!'

Swedish YouTuber Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, also known as PewDiePie, has come a long way from his Youtube beginnings.

After nine years of being on the platform, PewDiePie was the first person to pass 100 million subscriber on the video-sharing platform. He is considered the most prominent content creator in the world.

PewDiePie shows no signs of slowing down. The money is impressive for him after all. When asked if he will follow the footsteps of his wife who retired from YouTube early last year for "something new in (her) life," he responded with a rather indirect but intriguing answer

"Don't tempt me. I kind of question if the positive outweighs the negative. It's a lot more than I think I signed up for," PewDiePie said in an interview with the New York Times.

The NY Times source said that the YouTuber wouldn't really go through with deleting his channel. Like many other extreme ideas, it's something that plays in his mind from time to time but will not do it.

However, given the recent controversy he's in (coupled with issues about him being a white nationalist), will it push the famous YouTuber to call it quits?

PewDiePie Banned in China?

China is fast to ban people who speaks out in support of the Hong Kong protests, and PewDiePie is now one of them.

After the Swede made a video last week criticizing China's treatment of political protesters in Hong Kong, he has been deleted in search results such as "Baidu", the Chinese equivalent of Google.

In a video he posted on his YouTube channel on October 18, he said, "We did it. I'm banned from China. After I spoke about the Hong Kong protests, and parodied their leader as looking like Winnie the Pooh, I got banned from China."

He later added, "I'm laughing, but yeah, I'm sorry if you are in China and trying to watch my video."

If you search his name on the site, if you're based in China, the result will be a blank page.

It's unclear until when this censorship will last. The country is known for filtering and blocking online content on matters that are sensitive to them.

PewDiePie claims that China is like that one person on Twitter who can't take any criticism and just blocks everyone.

On Twitter, people shared screenshots that they were still able to see PewDiePie's music and videos. This confusion led a lot of people to accuse the Swedish-born YouTuber of being deliberately misleading to present himself as a victim.

Though there has been a lot of controversies surrounding him, he's grateful to the fans for sticking by his side no matter what the issue is.

"I appreciate everyone sticking through me, throughout all the controversies," PewDiePie said.

Felix is still the biggest YouTube celebrity in the world. His ability to direct the trends and modify his style at the right time, while doing whatever makes him happy, helped him become one of the most influential entertainers in the world.

Hopefully, despite the China issue and all of the things he has gone through, he won't delete his channel.

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