Madonna and Lady Gaga's feud supposedly ended early this year with a friendly photo of the two at an Oscar's after-party. That is, until Elton John decided it's not yet over.

Elton John released his memoir "Me," and it's full of juicy details not just about his own glamorous life, but of other celebrities as well such as Keith Richards whom he called "a monkey with arthritis." However, what would an Elton John autobiography be without mentioning his longtime feud with "The Material Girl"?

As expected, John lashed out on Madonna branding her with sly anecdotes while he continued to side by his friend Lady Gaga, who is also the godmother of his two sons, Elijah and Zachary.

In the memoir, he gushed about how a great godmother Gaga is, even recalling an 'incredible sight' of a fully-glam Gaga turning up backstage just to assist in giving her godson a bath.

Madonna and Lady Gaga Feud

Meanwhile, he dished on Madame X, calling her out for being nasty and ungracious to a younger Gaga at the start of her career. He wrote about the irony of Madonna claiming to be a champion for women while she kicks down a budding artist.

John took readers back to the time when the Lady Gaga-Madonna feud started. Madonna reportedly compared "Born This Way" to her 1989 hit "Express Yourself."

It can be recalled that Madonna called Gaga's song "reductive," which "The Fame Monster"  creator slammed as a "moronic" comment.

Madge further ignited the feud by singing "Born this Way" at a concert. The feud continued to get worse, as Maddy shaded Gaga on Instagram. Madonna later admitted criticizing Gaga over "blatantly ripping off one of my songs."

Gaga shut down comparisons when she said, "What I do is different. I write all my own music, play a lot of instruments, and I'm a producer." However, The Queen of Pop also does those as well.

Elton John and Madonna Feud

For his part, The Rocket Man has been feuding with Mo for what seems like ages. He admitted to making fun of Mo's lip-syncing in concerts even before her snide remarks on Gaga.

John recalled a time when he was casually talking with Australian journalist Molly Meldrum, whom he said was a longtime friend until their conversation was broadcasted on national television -- quickly ending their friendship.

The interview he talked about was when he called Madonna a "fairground stripper" whose career was over. It was a comment John claimed he shouldn't have said, adding that he already "apologized" for it.