Kevin Hart is asking for more time to respond to the new lawsuit from Montia Sabbag, who accused the comedoan of invasion of privacy and for causing emotional distress. 

RadarOnline revealed that Hart asked the court for a 30-day extension to his answer to the lawsuit. In the legal documents obtained from the Central District Court of California, Hart's lawyers have filed a Stipulation Extending Time for defendants to Respond to a Complaint on October 25. 

Earlier this month, Montia Sabbag filed a $60 million lawsuit against Hart and his friend Jonathan Todd Jackson, who was arrested for extortion. Famelous, the website that published the sex tape of Hart and Sabbag, was also included as a defendant.

In the complaint, Sabbag specifically identified the comedian to have "Negligently" or "intentionally" authorized Jackson's access to his hotel suite in Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. It is through this 'access' that Jackson was able to videotape the supposed-tob-be private sexual act that Hart and Sabbag were doing. 

While they were having consensual sexual relations, Jackson's access to Hart's private Suite at the Cosmopolitan allowed him to take a video of them without her consent. This statement implies, though, that Hart was aware of what was happening.

Kevin Hart repeatedly denied the allegations that he had any knowledge of the recording.

Sabbag further claimed that the video was made in relation to Hart's "Irresponsible Tour." She alleged that the "two-minute" reel was specifically done for personal financial gain. According to her lawyers, Ms. Sabbag continues to suffer from emotional distress as a foreseeable consequence of the defendants' actions. 

A California judge has already dismissed the lawsuit against the comedian, citing the "lack of subject matter jurisdiction," as the reason. The technical legal issues were cited for the dismissal.

Sabbag, however, re-filed the lawsuit. Hart was served and is now asking for an extension of one month to address all allegations. The 40-year-old actor and comedian has until Nov. 25 to respond to the lawsuit and allegations thrown against him.

Since the issues came out, Hart has publicly apologized to his wife, Eniko. He said that he made a "bad error in judgment," which led him to have a sexual encounter with Sabbag.

"I have put myself in a situation where only bad things happen and they did," Hart said in a statement.

It's worth noting that Hart has been in the headlines for all the bad reasons in the past few months. Earlier last September, he was also involved in a car crash that sent him to the hospital.