Ryan Reynolds is undeniably one of Hollywood's biggest names. He has starred in various TV shows and movies throughout his career that by now, people may fail to realize that he is not actually born in the United States.

The "Deadpool" star was actually from Canada, and in fact, his acting career started in several Canadian shows and movies.

The 43-year-old actor is currently married to Blake Lively, 32. They met on the "Green Lantern" set in 2010 and tied the knot in 2012. They have three daughters together: James, 4, Inez, 2 and another little girl who was born this year but whose name has not yet been revealed.

Reynolds recently shared a picture through Twitter with him, Lively, and their newborn child in the forest. In the caption of the photo, he expressed his love for British Columbia, as he revealed that he wanted his daughters to experience the same natural playground he grew up in. The actor may have relocated to another land, but he still remains rooted to Canadian soil.

In the same tweet, he took the chance to convince Canadians to vote for the candidates who will shape their country's current climate policy.

Currently, the Reynolds family is living in the U.S. It has been reported that they are living in a $2 million house in New York. It was said to be a charming country estate that boasts an 8,000-square-foot mansion with seven bedrooms and even a barn within the property.

Despite the fact that Reynolds and Lively came from two different countries, they seem to have no problem when it comes to making their relationship work. Despite their busy schedules as famous TV personalities, the two are making sure that they are never far from each other and that their family always sticks together.

"Blake and I don't do movie at the same time. If she is doing a movie in Thailand and I am doing a movie in Vancouver we would just never see each other," Reynolds said via People. The actor shared that their family operates as a team. He added: "So if we are in Spain or Utah or New York, as long as we are together, we're home."

Having spent his childhood in Vancouver, Canada, Reynolds is very proud to share his love for his home country. In a talk with Elle, he once shared that politeness is his "most Canadian attribute."

"You may be able to dig up a lot of sources who will deny this, but I'm polite. Generally, I care for other people," the actor said.