During a new installment of Carpool Karaok -- albeit filmed on an airplane -- Kanye West appeared on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" on Monday. 

Over 100 members of his Sunday Service choir appeared on the show sitting all together in coach.

Along the way, West revealed some juicy details about his album, his five-year marriage to Kim Kardashian and their desire to have more children, his mental breakdown, his massive debt, and how God is "showing off."

The 42-year-old rapper-turned-gospel artist spoke candidly to host James Corden about his faith and how finding God changed his life for the better. 

"Last year, I made $115 million and still ended up $35 million in debt," West said.

This year, however, Kanye revealed that he got a $68 million return on his tax returns.

West added: "People say, 'Oh, don't talk numbers.' No, people need to hear that someone that had been put into debt by the system talk about these kinds of numbers now that they're in service to Christ."

Corden then asked the "Jesus Walks" emcee if hs spiritual, "So you think your awakening - your spiritual awakening is part of -"

"My success," West chimed in, cutting the host.

"Absolutely. God's showing off. He's just showing out. Yeezy is worth $3 billion. It's the number one Google search brand in the world," the American hip-hop artist added.

However, according to Bet, West only made a crown without context. His brand Yeezy was the most Googled shoe brand over the past five years, but in the past 90 days to 12 months, Adidas and Vans were the top-searched brands on Google, respectively.

Kanye West Marriage with Kim Kardashian Feels like '500 Years'

West appeared to be in a good mood during the interview that he even joked about his marriage to the host.

"Marriage years are different than in human years. Like you know how dog years are like seven years? Every marriage is like 100 years. So it's like 500 years," he said on his marriage with Kim Kardashian..

West married the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star in 2014.

When Corden told West that nobody thought it would be uncool to marry Kim Kardashian, the Grammy-winning rapper teased, "not Kris Humphries."

For those not in the know, Humphries is a former NBA player who married Kim in 2011. Their marriage lasted just 72 days, with Kim filing for divorce.

Kardashian and West are hoping to have more children in the future. The "All of the Lights" singer wanted seven kids, saying that the "richest thing" for him is to have as many children as possible.

Kanye West's Bipolar Disorder

In the same segment, West explained that he was driven to spirituality while in the hospital a few years ago. It was at this time he had a "psychiatric emergency," which led to most of his sold-out concerts cancelled.

He claimed that when he was in the hospital, one of his goals, once he got out, was to start a church in Calabasas.

"God's always had a plan for me, but he's always wanted to use me, but I think He wanted me to suffer more and wanted people to see my suffering and see my pain and put stigmas on me and have me go through all the human experiences."

You can watch the entire Late Late Show with James Corden segment below: