Arnold Schwarzenegger just revealed a secret that would certainly surprise fans.

Ahead of the scheduled release of "Terminator: Dark Fate," Schwarzenegger made an appearance at "The Jimmy Kimmel Live" where he revealed a big revelation about "Terminator" that would have changed everything we know about the franchise.

Kimmel shared that he liked how the actor worked together with James Cameron and Hamilton against for the sequel of Terminator 2. At this instance, Schwarzenegger revealed that he almost didn't get the role for the franchise.

According to Schwarzenegger, O.J Simpson was originally set to play the role of T-800. Fortunately for Arnold, Cameron did not see Simpson's face enough of "a killing machine."

Cameron, of course, was quick to deny the revelation and sent a statement to Kimmel live to correct Schwarzenegger. He clarified that they never chose Simpson for Terminator -- not even once.

However, Schwarzenegger exposed the director-slash-close friend and mentioned the painting he displayed at home, showing the concept art made by Cameron. According to Arnold, Cameron designed it after Simpson's looks.

"On the painting that I have at home - it was painted by Jim Cameron. Underneath my face is OJ Simpson's face. It was already painted on it, with the leather jacket and the gun in the hand," the actor revealed.

Whoever the first choice for the character was -- be it Simpson or other actors -- people know it would not be the same if the great Arnold Schwarzenegger did not play the role.

Terminator: Dark Fate Release

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton will star in the return of the most anticipated Terminator franchise, the "Terminator: Dark Fate" after their first appearance 35 years ago in "The Terminator."

It is scheduled for release in the United States on Nov. 1.

The film is set to conquer over 4,000 American theaters, andf producers are expecting $40 million to $47 million in sales in their opening weekend.

The upcoming sequel was named as the "second best" sequel with "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" being the first. It was also considered as a sequel with lots of twists and turns since the filmmakers prepared new things, including spme memorable Terminator lines made fresh for the sequel.

The 128-minute long film received a "15" rating from the British Board of Film, making it only available for viewers age 15 and older. With this seemingly short runtime, though, fans are hoping that the comeback movie will retcon everything that happened in T2.