Salma Hayek Instagram followers called out the actress for her photo slip-up. The actress went makeup-free in a two-toned bikini in her post-birthday photoshoot.

The 53-year-old looked great with her ageless beauty and a sculpted body. However, some of her followers were quick to notice the A-lister may have posted the wrong photo.

Where is it?

The photo in question shows Hayek sitting on the grass with the air blowing through her beach waves. It was a breath of fresh air to see the actress go makeup-free, and her bikini flattered her perky cleavage, super-toned legs and hips.

However, Hayek went amiss with her caption: "I love turtles on the beach."

Apparently, her fans alerted Hayek to the fact that there is not a single turtle on the photo. Was she just thinking of turtles on the beach? Her far gaze may suggest so.

Oops, I Suck at social media! 

Hayek had her oops moment as she admitted she sucks at social media.

Salma lost her social media virginity in 2015 and has since been posting only positive things to her 12.4 million followers on Instagram (and hundreds of thousands more on Facebook and Twitter).

Salma followed up with another post to feature a lovely sea turtle in front of her as she does a side plank.

Her followers got a better view of her red-and-pink bikini, as she flexed a killer toned body! Fans showered Hayek with lots of love and likes -- but of course, this time, the turtle got its share of mentions too!

Some of Hayek's followers offered to do her social media, while many tried to make the actress feel better saying they had their share of slip-ups, too. It was such a treat for many of her followers to get a bonus photo.

While the photo makes more sense now, all eyes are still on Salma and her unbelievable figure at age 53!

How Does She Do It?

Salma previously admitted to Town and Country that she did not need to go through the needle to maintain her looks and body after all these years.

According to a source from Hollywood Life, "Salma's diet secrets are no secret at all." The report revealed that Salma makes sure to eat well and exercise. She reportedly eats a lot of organic foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean protein.

Salma also makes sure to stay hydrated, stay out of the sun and get plenty of rest. One thing she emphasizes to do throughout the years is to stick to a regimen whether it is a diet plan or a skincare routine.