Liam Payne Confirms Zayn Malik Ghosted One Direction

When Zayn Malik quit One Direction in 2015, the entire world was shocked and confused.

Liam Payne recently talked to British GQ and admitted how toxic their lives were being in One Direction. He also admitted that Zayn took it the hardest out of all the guys.

Just a few months after Zayn's departure, the band announced their hiatus. When asked if there were grudges between himself and the rest of the members, he said that there were, in some parts.

"We had out differences throughout the whole experience with some things," Liam said. "I still think about some stuff that was said and done that now I would do differently, but that's all part of growing up."

"I think with Zayn's particular exit and the way he chose to go; we haven't really heard from him since he left. He didn't even say goodbye, if I'm being honest. It was really a sordid scenario, from our side certainly. A bit strange. It's difficult."

When the "Strip That Down" singer was asked how Zayn dealt with fame and anxiety, Liam said that no one really knows how until they got there and discover whether they are built for it or not.

Liam shared that Zayn loves music and has an amazing talent, pointing out that Malik was the "best singer" in One Direction. However, he knew it's something when Zayn can no longer step on the stage and perform alongside the group.

Liam expressed that they were the only people who knew what Zayn was going through.

"The only five people who know what you are going through were all in a room together once and you left but you don't want anyone going through such evils for no reason," adding, "But it got to a point where I wouldn't know where to begin with Zayn. I hope he has good people around him, but I don't, at this stage, think it's anything the rest of us can solve."

Liam also revealed how he has dealt with his anxiety issues saying he has a "brain fart syndrome." He revealed that he was on medication that is primarily used for epilepsy, but he was using it for someting else.

"It was something to do with anxiety for me too, fully prescribed, but I didn't realize that certain lights made me forget, well everything," Payne added

It remains to be seen what will happen with One Direction in the future or if a reunion is still possible. However, with the way things ended, it's likely that a possible reunion would happen later rather than sooner.

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