Meghan Markle and Baby Archie are bonding on their own already - going to secret dates on New York City, no less! 

Seems like Baby Archie is a true-blue jetsetter at a young age. With his mom being Meghan Markle, that is not even surprising. 

Serena revealed that in September, Meghan Markle traveled to New York with her 4-month old son Archie Harrison to watch her play in the US Open. This was actually Meghan's first solo trip across the world with her son.

She went to Serena's game and supported her, while the player took on Canadian star Bianca Adreescu in the finals. 

Serena and Meghan have been very close and became tight friends since they met at the Super Bowl in 2010, and Serena considers Meghan as one of the strongest people she'd known in her life. 

In an interview for "Access Hollywood,"  Serena revealed how Meghan flew all the way with her newborn child to see her play in New York and flew all the way back on the same night. She admitted that if she was Meghan, she could have not possibly done that.

Archie was 4-months old at that time, and if we could come to think of it, Meghan could just leave Archie with Prince Harry in the UK and fly alone to see Serena, but she chose to bring Archie along with her in her spontaneous trip. Her trip to New York was her and Archie's "secret bonding" and the two would surely treasure those moments as Archie will grow up.

Serena also shared about her group of friends. The tennis star player finds it really cool to have such an amazing group of friends who do amazing things and still have the courage to "face the same pressures you face with being in the public eye." 

Knowing how much pressure Meghan gets every day being a part of the Royal family, Serena could barely think of the observance and attention that her friend has to deal with. She further praised Meghan of being the strongest, nicest, and the sweetest person she's ever known.

Meghan on Her Friendship With Serena

In regards to Meghan flying from the UK only to see her play in NYC, Serena was amazed at how supportive and loving Meghan is as a friend, and her flying to her game with a newborn baby, on one hand, was just one of the few things Meghan does to her.

A royal insider revealed that Meghan's trip to Serena's game was kept low-key and discreet as possible. Meghan made sure she gets to be on that trip privately, after having a huge controversy earlier this year about her New York baby shower that was reported to have cost $500,000.

The insider further explained that after her two-day baby shower, where paparazzi and the media were all around her and following Meghan and her friends' move at The Mark Hotel, the Duchess of Sussex has learned her lesson. 

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