5 Essential Oils You Need for the Winter

Imagine yourself sitting in a moonlit alfresco lounge during wintertime. All seem to be going well until you feel something weird coming out of your nose.

The next thing you know, you caught a cold.

Cases of colds and flu spread out during winter. Most of the time, it is not about the weather itself but the quality of the air you are feeding and overburdening your respiratory system with. To minimize the possibility of you getting sick and depriving you of enjoying the season can now be solved with essential oils -- specifically Lagunamoon Essential Oils.

What Are Lagunamoon Essential Oils?

Lagunamoon Essential Oils promises to help you show your beauty not only from the outside but also from the inside. One of its benefits that will make you see consider it as holy grails is its two-way purpose: Lagunamoon Essential Oils can make your skin healthy while they keeping your mind in good shape!

The products contain premium natural ingredients to meet your daily needs wherever you are. You can also enjoy using the pure and natural scents of Lagunamoon in any oil diffuser available. They also have starter kits, which you can give as a gift to your loved one who are always grumpy.

Unlike the other products in the market, Lagunamoon has sets that come with different scents that you can use depending on your mood.

Scents that can make you feel warm are best for the winter, so we have listed their five best scents here and the only thing you should do now is to try them out, too!

Lemon Grass Scent

Do you want to offer calmness and clarity to your body? Do you feel like you are over fatigue?

Extracted naturally from the grass and stalks of the lemongrass plant, this scent has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that are proven effective to use against skin infections and fungi.

Their Lemon Grass scent also contains citral, an anti-inflammatory compound that helps you avoid chronic inflammations and other health problems.

You can also huff the oil directly by adding a few drops to a handkerchief and breathe in the tang. Some people even massage the diluted essential oil into their temples to help relieve headaches.


Eucalyptus Grass Scent

The leaves of the Eucalyptus tree are dried, crushed and distilled to release the essential oil of Lagunamoon Eucalyptus grass scent.

Aside from keeping your room smell better, this scent can help clear your chest and silence your cough. Lagunamoon Eucalyptus Grass scent relieves cough symptoms that you acquire from winter's common flu and colds.

But wait, there is more! It instantly refreshes and revitalizes your mind, body and health. The scent is made not too strong, not too weak, but just right for you!

Lavender Scent

Indeed, the lavender scent is the most popular oil for aromatherapy in the world.

The lavender scent from Lagunamoon detoxifies and serves as a multipurpose oil. If you are having trouble sleeping, do not worry since it improves sleep onset, quality and duration. It helps you promote sleep and fight insomnia throughout the season.

Ranging from being an antiseptic to antispasmodic, you can surely have a healthier day with this aroma.


Peppermint Scent

If you need something to wake your mind up, the strong mint aroma of Peppermint Scent is the best for you.

Its most notable benefit is its capacity to relieve gastrointestinal discomfort and alleviate nausea and pain. Inhaling peppermint oil can also clear your nasal passages, which is a plus most especially during the winter season.


Orange Scent

Want to say "no" to strong scents and switch to something warming, sweet and light?

Lagunamoon's Orange scent can energize you and boost your mood whenever you feel like throwing yourself on your bed. It also works as an anti-depressant when you are having a bad winter day.

Moreover, its citrusy aroma can turn your dull room into a forest-like area full of orange trees, making you more excited to get out of your bed even during cold days.

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