The Queen Gives Subtle Approval to 'The Crown' Season 3 With This!

Olivia Colman cannot call The Queen an "old bat" and get away with it. The Queen had to fact-check "The Crown" Season Three. Well, indirectly that is, as you would expect from royalty.

Stamps Scene Gets Reality Check

The Queen kept her poise when she gave an indirect comment to "The Crown" S3 E1. There was a short scene in the first episode that may have irked the Queen.

First off, E1 was entitled "Olding" with a focus on the Russian spy that crept into the monarchy in the 1960s. On social media this week, the Royal Palace posted a collection of photos taken by Dorothy Wilding.

The photos were taken in 1952 and the Queen looked nothing like an old bat of any sort. Ok well, this was supposedly the Claire Foy stamps version which was filmed in the previous season of the Netflix Original series.

The post caption mentioned that the photos of the Queen were taken in just two sittings. The first two features focused on lovely headshots of Elizabeth who was crowned in 1953.

Rare Photos Markle Would Be Glad To See

The second two photos showed rare moments when The Queen wore off-shoulder and sweetheart-cut dresses. To think, Meghan Markle wearing off-shoulder got criticized a lot. What? She was just channeling the Queen.

On the day the post went up on social media, the Queen actually came from a visit to the Royal Philatelic Society. The organization runs a postal museum, so one of the photos showed a sculpted profile of the Queen by Arnold Machin.

It was the Machin stamps that were used from 1967 and used up to this day. So perhaps the Queen was conscious about aging, then? But then again, as Colman puts it, aging is something one cannot do anything about but get on with it. Watch the Stamps scene below:

Then again, the Machin Series had not been the first use of an effigy of the head of a British Queen. The social media post continued that Queen Victoria in 1838 also had a stamp designed based on an effigy.

More Recent Stamp Images of the Queen

"The Crown" has six seasons that span six decades. In the final season of the series, they could take cue from the Royal Palace and flatter the Queen a bit.

The Palace also revealed stamps of Her Majesty for her 80th birthday (2006) and 60th Coronation Anniversary (2013). Queen Elizabeth II aged like fine wine throughout the years. She looks lovely then and now.

Does the Royal Family Watch "The Crown?"

The Queen's son and daughter-in-law have reportedly introduced Her Majesty to the Netflix series. Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex watched Claire Foy's version of "The Crown" with the Queen every weekend, though she does point out several instances when the series over-dramatised several accounts.

The Queen's granddaughter Princess Eugenie also said that she felt "proud to watch The Crown", though she referred to the Emmy award-winning first two seasons.

However, after Season Three launched, Colman met with the Queen's grandson Prince William at Buckingham Palace.

Colman had an awkward moment when she asked William if he watched "The Crown," to which he answered a firm "No." Could anyone blame Will after someone called his gran an old bat? Well then, a little flattery on "The Crown" Season Five might get a bit more approval from the Queen.

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