It has been a long 15 years of drought without the merry cast of "Friends." Recently, the show's Rachel, actress Jennifer Anniston sparked rumors that there might be something coming for "Friends" fans.

However, rumors have been circulating that an actor has been making things difficult to wrap up plans.

 Jen made waves when she surprised Charlie Puth at the "Ellen DeGeneres Show." She was asked if rumors that a reboot was underway for the popular TV show.


Jen did not give a clear answer other than something was being planned. Now, fresh rumors are saying that there has already been a recent late-night meeting with the entire core cast at the HBO Max office.

The upcoming streaming service is expected to launch in 2020.

Actor Troubled By 'Small Part'

Rumor has it that the show's Chandler, actor Matthew Perry was not pleased with how the script played down his character.

Perry was said to have voiced out the fact that he was "uninspired and unimpressed" by what the show's writers came up with.

What particularly irked the actor about the reboot script was said to be the fact that it would make them "laughing stocks instead of comedy legends."


Perry also allegedly accused his co-actors of having more interest in making money than putting up an actually show-stomping production for their fans.

The actor attacking his former colleagues allegedly came after none of his co-stars supported him when he complained about his character's diminished appearance and lines.

Conspiracy Against Chandler?

Furthermore, Perry was said to have been "in a rage" when things would not go his way. The show's Ross, actor David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc who played Joey allegedly voted to have Perry written out of the show entirely.

The debacle reportedly left the show's Phoebe, actress Lisa Kudrow in tears. No rumors about how the show's Monica, actress Courtney Cox reacted. But Aniston, who was said to have taken charge towards a reboot was allegedly "left devastated over the meeting that potentially destroyed their reunion dream."


Not a Possibility!

First off, the rumors came off the tabloids stands and did not have a trusted source, instead citing an anonymous informant. Gossip Cop investigated into the matter and revealed that there is no such thing as the "Friends" cast fighting over a reboot script.

It turns out, there is going to be no script for whatever it is the "Friends" cast have underway. Gossip Cop confirmed The Hollywood Reporter news that revealed the reunion special would be unscripted -- a completely candid performance from the legendary comedians.

Chandler, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, and Rachel will be celebrating the show's 25th anniversary with a one-time reunion TV special.

Furthermore, Perry's representative has been interviewed and revealed that the story is a "ridiculous" one. There is no script being written and Perry is not "at odds" with his co-stars. Here is Jen sharing her first social media post with a photo reunion with the "Friends" cast:

Moreover, rumors that Perry is under fire for his sobriety being in question has also been debunked. Neither is the cast staging an intervention for him. Finally, Aniston is not leading the group for the reunion. The one-time show would be a consensus.

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