Ryan Reynolds is not just another pretty face in Hollywood. In fact, he was so kind that he gave the controversial commercial model from the infamous "Peloton" ad another chance to make things right. 

Monica Ruiz has gained social media popularity because of the role she played in the new "Peloton" Ad. However, it is not the kind of fame that she was prepared for.

The controversial Peloton Christmas commercial has received a backlash for sending the wrong message on the concept of body image. 

Reynold's Good Deed

The "Deadpool" actor has decided to include the "Peloton Wife" in his hilarious new ad for his spirits brand, Aviation Gin. When asked about how his new gin ad seems to be poking fun at the infamous Peloton ad, the actor told The New York Times that he empathizes with Monica Ruiz.

Reynolds added that he understood what she was going through, especially when it came to receiving all the negative criticism for the viral ad she was part of.

"As an actor, I can relate to creating a piece of content that won't be well received," Reynolds said. He added that the feeling can be very alienating.

Reynolds, 43, also expressed his concern for Monica Ruiz's reservations about working with them on the Aviation Gin ad. He further explained that he does not want to make the situation any worse than it already is. 

While the actor had pure intentions of helping Ruiz overcome the situation she is currently in, Reynolds could also not help but point out how casting her could help make his ad stand out.

The actor believes that ads are generally disposable content. He realized that with a zeitgeist moment as such comes along, one must grab it and go!

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Ruiz expressed her appreciation for what Ryan Reynolds did. She told PEOPLE that although she is an actress, she was overwhelmed by the attention that she got.

Monica said that when the team of Aviation Gin pitched their concept, they helped her find humor in all the bad publicity. She expressed that she remains thankful to both Peloton and Aviation Gin for the opportunity to do what she wants to do -- to act. 

The New "Peloton Wife"

Last week, Peloton released a new ad that featured their high-end workout equipment. But instead of convincing people to make a purchase, they spun up a new controversy.

In the 30-second ad, the husband gave his wife the brand's stationary bike as a Christmas surprise. The ad follows a recording of Ruiz's year-long journey that she records by taking a video of herself. The ad closes with the wife thanking her husband for giving her a gift she did not know she needed. 

Twitter users were too quick to respond to the ad, saying that it is sending out a negative idea on body image. It was like the husband wanted his wife to lose weight despite the "nervous" look she had at the thought of riding an indoor bike.

Despite the flooding of negative commentary on their ad, Peloton remains firm that their ad meant well. Members who have made a purchase have been giving them meaningful feedback on their equipment. Most of them spoke of the impact of owning a Peloton machine that has changed them. 

According to Sean Hunter who played the role of the husband in the Peloton ad, there was no negative intent on body image. People just jumped the bandwagon of negative comments until it became viral.

The holiday ad of Peloton had all good intentions: to remind people that their health and fitness journey needs to be celebrated, too, no matter how small or big their accomplishments may be. 

While the executives of Peloton are saddened that people have misinterpreted the ad, they remain grateful for the outpouring support they have been getting from those who understood the message they were trying to send.

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