How to avoid bullying at school


Bullying is one of the hottest social problems at the moment which has place to be in developing as well as in developed countries.

As the famous saying goes, "Kids will be kids." It implies that bullying is an intrinsic part of growing up ad cannot be eradicated completely. However, something must be done about growing levels of aggression and new types of violent behaviors. Let's look at the ideas on how to prevent bullying.

What Should Be Considered as Bullying?

Before starting the fight, we need to know what our enemy is. So bullying is defined as a repeated intentional violent behavior between people/ groups of people of different strength or power. It can appear in verbal/non-verbal or physical forms. The most recent type of bullying is cyberbullying. The key definition is the imbalance of power that means that victims of bullying are unable to protect themselves.

Criticize a Particular Behavior Not The Child

When dealing with cases of bullying, educators or parents must avoid assigning the label of a bully or a victim to a child. These labels can leave a psychological imprint on the child's future life. Latin proverb goes "De nihilo nihil" (Nothing comes from nothing). So if a child is acting in a particular way, there must be reasons which explain such a behavior. He/she must have suffered from injustice or some physiological trauma earlier. It's a psychologist task to find the root of the problem but the main thing is not to aggravate the situation by putting labels. In other words, teachers must stay unbiased towards a child's personality, and they must criticize their certain behavior, making clear it is not good and explaining why it is wrong. Thus, the bully list is not a good idea. If there is one at school, it should not be available to students and only used by people engaged into education and regulating the problem.

Set Rules

Rules must be clear to children, so they are aware of consequences if they violate them. Rules must be formulated in easy terms so kids can understand them. There should be a list of 3 - 5 rules. It is better to keep the necessary minimum of limitations. The rules must be appropriate for the age of students. Moreover, teachers must be consistent and strict at enforcing the rules.

Encourage Positive Behavior

Everybody remembers that if a student does something wrong, he must be punished, but it is not always so obvious that it is important to praise students when they avoid delinquent behavior. To reinforce positive behavior is as important as to punish bad behavior.


In ideal world, teachers would have open conversations with their students on any subject and on the subject of bullying as well. To achieve that, teachers must show students that they can trust teachers and they can communicate not only about school-related issues. Bullied students might be willing to share their problem with the teacher, but they cannot do it in front of the whole class. Bullied students are often too scared to talk. In this case, teachers should pay attention to non-verbal signs. Communication should be not only between students and teachers, but parents should be also involved and work as a team with teachers.

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