Lindsay Lohan faced difficulties over the past years. This time, it was her mother who was caught in trouble.

On Saturday night, authorities arrested Lindsay's mother Dina Lohan after allegedly driving while intoxicated and leaving the scene of the incident on Long Island, New York.

Dina reportedly brought her 2016 Mercedes to Outback Steakhouse where she struck another car and fled away, but the victim chased her to her hometown.

According to the official report, the assigned authority tracked the 57-year-old mother at home where he found the Mercedes still running. Moreover, the cop claimed that they traced alcoholic beverages through her breath and noticed that she had bloodshot eyes, too -- which proved that Dina was truly under the influence of alcohol.

When the officer asked the TV personality to get out of the car, she appeared to be unsteady, causing her to fall straight to the ground and land on her face.

Lindsay's mother even allegedly accused the police that he pushed her before claiming that she only had a glass of wine.

To prove her statement, they asked her to submit to a sobriety test but refused. Dina ended up facing felony charges for driving while intoxicated (DWI) and other imputations namely, "leaving the scene of an accident causing property damage and other driving infractions pertaining to an expired registration, apdriving on a suspended license and others."

However, Dina pleaded not guilty for DWI on Sunday morning and will appear again in court on Wednesday next week.

"She was released and is now at home. She did not have to pay a bail," Dina's longtime attorney, Mark Heller, confirmed to NBC New York"There was no formal test to establish my client was intoxicated, and we'll be back in court next Wednesday to fight the case."

The attorney also referred to arrest as an unfortunate event and hoped that they will soon resolve it as soon as possible.

Dina also previously faced a driving while intoxicated case in April 2014 and pleaded guilty. She later on got her license suspended in July for failing to pay taxes.

Like Mother, Like Daughter?

Over the past years, Lindsay's misconduct became the talk of the town. She was put behind bars due to driving with a suspended license and driving while under the influence. In fact, she was even caught possessing cocaine!

In 2007, she pleaded guilty for the above-mentioned drug use and ended up in prison for a day along with 10 days of community service.

The list of her delinquencies goes on, but she started to live a somehow improved life after nine years.

In the past few years, Lindsay spent most of her time in Dubai and even met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2017. She became part of the movement that highlights the dilemma of Syrian refugees and visited the refugee camp personally.

Despite these changes, she recently received criticisms for trying to flirt with Liam Hemsworth through Instagram, asking the Hemsworth brothers to hang out with her. However, Liam's fans cannot approve her because of her past misbehaviors.

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