'Community' Season 5 Spoilers: Donald Glover Only Returning for 5 Episodes of NBC Series? [VIDEO]

Donald Glover, who plays Troy Barnes on the NBC sitcom Community, will only be appearing in five episodes in the upcoming season of the show.

Glover's representatives worked out a deal with Community producer Sony Pictures Television to have the actor appear only in five out of 13 episodes part of season 5, according to a Monday report by Vulture. Neither Sony nor Glover's representatives could be reached for comment on the new deal. 

Enstars previously reported that Glover put in a request to appear in a limited role for season 5 of Community on June 21. He allegedly said that he wanted to focus more on his rap career going forward. Regardless, his representatives said, "Donald Glover is under contract for season 5 of the show," when approached for comment at the time.

Additionally, Glover's Community co-star Jim Rash, who plays Dean Pelton on the sitcom, revealed in late June that season 5 might be the last season.

"Having [showrunner Dan Harmon] back is just a great way to -- if this is the final 13 [episodes] or whatever it is -- to sort of bookend," Rash told The Huffington Post. "Maybe that was what lured everyone back was the idea of sort of finishing this whole thing off."

Though he did not officially confirm that it would be the last season, Rash said that the cast "never knows" about whether or not the show will be back from season to season.

"I think it's just one of those shows where it's sort of like, 'We'll see' " he said. "I think we all emotionally prepare [at the end of every season that it could be the last], like, 'We did it! Yay!' Any TV is show is like that -- sometimes, you just don't know and I think us, particularly. The fans have been what kept us alive at the end of the day, just hardcore, consistent fans."

Community does not have a set premiere date yet but it will be airing in the 2013-2014 TV season.

Watch highlights from Glover's run on the show:

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