Hip Hop Executive Wear Full Body Suit After Visiting Red Zone Countries in Asia

WorldStar Hip Hop executive, Danny Cotton clearly wanted to be safe as can be when it comes to contracting the deadly coronavirus. Way to go! Cotton went to several red zones in Asia last month with his fiancee and stayed virus-free for the rest of their stay by some pretty awesome means. 

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Where Did They Even Go?

Okay, we all know how busy executive's lives are in the industry and they are mostly required to travel here and there but with the coronavirus in full force right now the world is shaking. First off, they hit Hongkong then went straight to Malaysia. 

How They Outsmarted The Virus

So it's obvious that hygiene and self-care are very important now more than ever, so Cotton and his fiancee self-quarantined themselves for over 20 days in a Malaysian Airbnb rental property and the good thing is that they are both fine regardless of the virus slowly spreading in all corners of the world. 

Cotton told TMZ that what he did during that time was to fully stock up on fruits and vegetables. Now for normal people that would be a hard diet but obviously living the healthiest version of ourselves is required now more than ever. As Cotton's fiancee is from China, she was able to convince him to eat raw garlic to be able to boost the immune system which surprisingly is true and not some mumbo jumbo. 

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Trouble in Paradise?

As Cotton's fiancee is originally from China as we previously stated, she was not allowed to get a U.S. visa because of the current outbreak of the coronavirus which is a MAJOR bummer for not just his fiancee but for all who would want to try and get one in our current predicament. 

Unfortunately, she had to go back to China and has been told she may not be able to get that visa for well around two years! Crazy mad!

So back to the original headline, Cotton had to go take a plane in Tokyo where he was able to board an ANA jumbo jet to take him home to the U.S. and his abode in Los Angeles. The wife-to-be though has to stay back to deal with the crisis alone. Feels bad man.

He rode the plane for 14 hours looking like Walter White or Heisenberg as he would want himself to be called, ready to cash up on that thing he got rich on, rather than a WorldStar big shot. It still looks as safe as can be, to be honest, the problem is if its comfy or not.

Regardless of what it looks like he really seems to be making every effort to not bring the virus and still looking fly as possible. Hopefully, more people should start hogging full-body suits rather than just protecting their mouths, can I get an amen?

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