A fierce Hilary Duff took to social media on Saturday to express a critical attack against the younger generation, whom she blames for spreading the deadly coronavirus.

The 32-year-old actress went on full mom/aunt mode, scolding the so-called millennials who are not observing social distancing and self-isolation as advised by the government and health sectors.

Just like the rest of the people across the globe, the "Lizzie McGuire" star is staying at home to avoid catching or possibly spreading coronavirus. Hilary is following the advice to stay at home and took it as an opportunity to spend time with her one-year-old daughter, Banks.

But it looks like the actress is not pleased to see or hear the news that some youngsters are still out and about doing some recreation.

In an Instagram story entry, she called out the millennial generation for not following the quarantine rules and continued to party.

"To you all, you young, millennial a-holes that keep going out and partying, go home," Hilary said.

"Stop killing old people, please," she added.

Hilary also relates to the struggle of choosing an excellent series to watch on Netflix, as she just finished watching "Love Is Blind" from the streaming platform.

It is not the first time that the "Agent Cody Banks" actress voiced out her opinion on the ongoing global pandemic brought by the coronavirus.

A few days ago, Hilary also used her social media platform to slam the United States' poor effort in testing possible coronavirus-infected patients.

he actress called the U.S. government's effort "embarrassing" and compared it to South Korea's testing status.

"US testing 1,000 people a day for COVID 19. South Korea is testing 20,000??? Cmon USA, step it up," Hilary wrote.

"Many other Countries testing very high number of people daily! It's embarrassing that we are not set up for issues like this."

In the caption, Hilary urges her 14.8 million Instagram followers to "stay calm but be smart."

"Take the precautions to stay healthy and keep our mothers and fathers and grandparents risk low until this passes," the actress added.

Celebrities vs. Coronavirus

Hilary joins the list of celebrities urging their social media followers to practice their social responsibility by staying at home and take social distancing seriously.

Singer Ariana Grande took to Twitter to bluntly address the behavior of young people thinking that they are safe from the virus since they are young and healthy. She also called out this "stupid and privileged" mentality and encouraged her fans to care more about other people.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift used her Instagram story to call out people who still hang out instead of practicing social distancing. The "You Need to Calm Down" singer encouraged her followers to cancel plans and take things seriously.

Tay-Tay said that while the global pandemic also scares her, people should make this sacrifice of isolation to prevent a further health crisis.

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