On March 24, Pink took it to social media to update her fans of her "Quarantine Diaries." She gave her fans a public service announcement to stay at home and cut their hair. However, the singer followed her own advice and now regrets why she did. 

New Hair Don't Care

The 40-year old singer shared that she got so bored at home that she decided to give herself a haircut. Amid the coronavirus scare, Pink is stuck at home on quarantine and her boredom might have pushed her too hard this time. 

Alhough she admittedly regretted what she did, the "Just Give Me A Reason" singer gave a lighthearted opinion about her new hair. Pink posted a short clip on March 24 showing off the obviously uneven cut underneath a beanie.

"When I drink, I get really, really, really brilliant ideas and last night I got the idea, 'I can cut hair!' Why have I been paying people all this time?" she said in the video. Obviously intoxicated, she cheekily explained that drinking has become her new "sport" while quarantined at home. 

"Look what I did," she went on while taking off the red beanie showing off her new hairdo. "What do you think? Good look? Am I giving you Alyssa Milano vibes? Charlize Theron? I don't know." 

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Quarantine diaries A post shared by P!NK (@pink) on Mar 24, 2020 at 4:24pm PDT


Who does Pink look like? The "So What" singer does not seem to care. Although some might give negative comments about her new hairdo, Pink shifted the focus on what is truly important.

Towards the end of the video, Pink told her fans to stay safe amid the coronavirus scare. 

The Message Within

Pink's followers were also quick to join the fun. Many have expressed their appreciation for the singer who has kept her sense of humor despite the threat of the coronavirus. Many artists have also posted their own hilarious videos on social media to hopefully lighten up the mood.

Ryan Reynolds dressed as the famous "Green Lantern" posted his PSA on Twitter. The superhero reminded everyone to practice proper handwashing, as well as to keep their social distance.

It is during times like this that people truly appreciate how celebrities and musicians like Pink are able to lighten up the mood. 

'You're hilarious," one Instagram user wrote in the comment section of Pink's video.

"This is why I love this girl so much! She's for real, none of that show biz BS. Loved watching this!" another avid fan said. 

'She's my spirit animal," a third commenter wrote. 

All the positive comments about her video gave Pink the reassurance that everyone has her back, good haircut or not. 

At this difficult time, it truly helps that artists like Pink are able to make fans laugh. The health crisis has turned into an economic crisis and it has left families worried about their survival. 

And yet, in spite of the coronavirus pandemic, Pink is a reminder that staying at home can be fun if you know how to make fun of things. For sure, everyone's looking out for the next video she's going to make. 

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