Another day, another controversial news about the real-life cast of "Tiger King," and this time, it's about Carole Baskin's missing husband. 

Netflix's true-crime documentary series focuses on not only the petty beef between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin but also the Big Cat Rescue Sanctuary owner's first husband, Michael Murdock.

This time, fans are convinced that the man who is not spoken on the series is alive and well since the mystery of Murdock's whereabouts is unknown. 

On the series, it is known that Carole Baskin had a first husband before she met her second husband, Don Lewis, who disappeared and would be declared legally dead five years later.

Weeks after"Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness" dropped on Netflix, social media users have shared wild conspiracy theories to try to make sense of what transpired on the show and the wildest one features con-man Jeff Lowe, who set up Exotic in the murder-for-hire plot, is Carole Baskin's first husband. 

Tiger King: Carole Baskin's First Husband is Jeff Lowe?!

One fan of his theory on Facebook that Exotic's former business partner Jeff is Carole's first husband, who she paid off to go take Joe Exotic down.

"She rented a mansion and that cat to draw him in. Jeff (and James Garretson) even admitted they directed Joe to kill Carole," the theory says. 

It continued that when Exotic didn't do it, "they needed him to pay, and he didn't." So Jeff reportedly sent his friend, and he "chickened out" on purpose.

Carole then allegedly paid all of them off except Kelci Saffery and John Reinke. 

"Jeff even told the cops about the Tiger skulls because they didn't have enough to keep him otherwise on the bogs 'killing plot.'"

Other fans of the series even pointed out the similarities of Murdock and Jeff Lowe that both have a past conviction for assaulting an ex-wife, with the Big Cat CEO's first husband was described as physically abusive. 

Unilad, however, pointed out that the ages don't add up, as Carole's ex-husband Murdock would be 81 today, while Jeff will be 67 in comparison. 

However, Jeff Lowe doesn't seem to think any more of the crazy conspiracy theory online since, in the newest episode of "Tiger King," he is convinced that Carole killed her second ex-husband, Don Lewis.

Jeff Lowe: 'Caroled Killed Don'

The Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park owner claimed in a brand new episode of the hit series. 

In the after-show episode hosted by Joel McHale, Jeff reacted to the series, the portrayal of his role, and of course, answer the fans' lingering questions. 

When the comedian asked if he believed in the theory that Carole Baskin killed Don Lewis, he answered, "Abso-f*******-lutely."

Meanwhile, Jeff insisted that what she did to her current husband, Howard Baskin, is even more disturbing. 

When asked to confirm if he was talking about the murder rumors or the photos of Howard in leopard print on a leash, Jeff answered, "I don't even know what to say to Howard about that. I think that's almost more disturbing than murder." 

The zookeeper also spoke about his ex-business partner Joe Exotic, who claimed that he was set up and not locked in prison and insisted that it was a "crock of s***."

"You guys saw all the videos that Joe was posting. Joe was his own worst enemy. He should have got up on the stand and testified against himself."  

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