The newest addition to shows to binge watch on Netflix, "Too Hot to Handle," is about challenging 14 attractive single ladies and gentlemen to form relationships without hooking up. Attractive is too tamed of a word - they're really sexy and hot. 

Naturally, it's impossible not to be attracted to each other. To actually date is a different story altogether. 

Coincidentally, two of the "Too Hot to Handle" stars have revealed that they have struck up a romance after filming the show last year.

"Too Hot to Handle" Nicole and Bryce Officially Dating

Nicole O'Brien wasn't fortunate in finding love while filming in that beautiful island in Mexico, however, since wrapping up the show, she has grown close to Bryce Hirschberg, also known as the hot guy who lives on his boat.

The unlikely pair only got the chance to know each other three weeks after the finale, and it was at that time when the entire cast of "Too Hot to Handle" was invited to catch up and reflect at a nearby hotel in Mexico when sparks suddenly flew between the Cork-native and the Los Angeles playboy.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Bryce revealed that he and Nicole have been talking after she visited Los Angeles, and they had "a little bit of a thing."

Nicole has been visiting him and even shared that something may have happened on his bed.

"We have a great relationship, Nicole and I. she was planning on coming out again, but with this quarantine, we're long-distance technically."

Without the cameras, the "professional drinker" finally was able to get to know Bryce more, and she said it all made a lot of difference.

Speaking to Oprah Magazine, Nicole said, "He wasn't my cup of tea at the start. But getting to know him more and more, we formed proper bond and connection."


Nicole also told The Sun that the LA-native was a "lovely guy" and added, "We are just seeing where things go without putting any pressure on anything."

She continued, "It's not the ideal situation when he lives halfway across the globe, but we are trying to figure out how we will move forward after quarantine ends."

While Nicole and Bryce have started to connect after filming, those who found love in the retreat are lucky, a couple is still together, while the other broke up.

"Too Hot to Handle" Francesca and Harry are Still Together a Year Later

The frisky pair Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago may have been fined a lot of times on the show, but they don't care as long as they're together.

A year later after being on the Netflix series, they're relationship outside of the retreat is reportedly still going strong, to the point that they're already talking about babies.

Opening up about their relationship status, the Australian lad told The Sun, "Francesca and I are better than ever. We took a bit of a break in between, but now we are full steam ahead."

He added, "I can't wait to start traveling, and we can put some babies in her belly!"

The brunette model also said, "It was so amazing to watch our love story unfold, and I am excited for what the future holds for the two of us."

Unfortunately, not all love found on the retreat lasts, because "Too Hot to Handle" former couple Rhonda Paul and Sharron Townsend have officially called it quits, months later after their relationship was deemed the "healthiest relationship on the reality show."

After filming the show, Rhonda and Sharron weren't able to see each other in person because of long distance.

However, they admitted that to stay good friends. After all, Rhonda was able to find someone new in her life.

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