4 Game Cards You Can Try To Make Staying Home Fun And Bearable

While most of the classic card games are now playable online, nothing beats a real game. With that said, why not try card games that you can purchase on Amazon?

Nowadays, people find it more interesting to play with their phones or computers, so much so that they already forgot how fun it is to play an actual card game. Sure, trying something new is always a great experience, but card games will always provide people a different level of entertainment value since these games require practice and patience to win.

Aside from that, people can learn and develop new strategies and skills while having fun.

If you want to try one now, scroll down and pick the best card game for you that you can play at home.

UNO Minecraft Card Game

UNO Minecraft Card Game
(Photo : Mattel Games)

Instead of playing UNO and Minecraft separately, Mattel Games created this UNO Minecraft Card Game so people can enjoy both at the same time. This special version of UNO is perfect for Minecraft lovers who are looking for some collectibles and entertainment related to the digital game.

Although its design is entirely different since it features Minecraft characters, you can still play it like the basic one. Your goal remaisn the same: get rid of all the cards in your hand!


What Do You Meme?
(Photo : What Do You Meme? - Amazon)

This game is created for players 17 years old and above since, just like what the company warns, it includes some things "you just cannot unhear."

This contains 465 cards -- 360 of which are caption cards and the remaining 75 are photo cards. Your friends and family have to create the funniest meme to tickle the judge's sense of humor. If you and your friends are fans of memes, this is surely perfect for you.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity
(Photo : Cards Against Humanity LLC - Amazon)

Horrible or not, Cards Against Humanity is an ideal party game for adults. Each box consists of 500 white cards and 100 black cards.

Players should complete the cards' fill-in-the-blank statements using words or phrases they want, as long as it is "incorrect" so they can rule the game. But remember, its rules do not actually state how to win the game. In the end, the game creator only wants you to have fun with this!

Monopoly Deal Games

Monopoly Deal Games
(Photo : Monopoly - Amazon)

Who does not know and love monopoly? This Monopoly brand has 110 cards you and your friends can play all day long.

Each set of this has action cards -- property cards, rent cards, house and hotel cards, and wild property cards -- which you can use to make tricky deals. If you want to rule the fast-dealing property game, then you must collect three complete card sets as soon as possible!

Since this comes with different designs inside a black box, you can undoubtedly enjoy playing this game for years.

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