Fab Four Reunion: Kate Middleton, Prince William To Visit Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in America?

If Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have no plans yet of going back home to visit the royal family, then Kate Middleton and Prince William will go to them. 

According to Life & Style's July 3 issue, a reunion among the fab four might happen soon. Even though reports have been written about Prince Harry and Prince William never going back to the same way they were in the past - wherein they were really close to each other, they still got each other's back no matter what.

Their respective wives have also been described as having a heated feud of their own as media outlets cannot help but compare them all the time in the past, but Megxit might have tempered down this tension. 

That said, the two princes are planning to reconnect the moment the COVID-19 lockdown is eased and lifted. but this time, it would not happen on the UK turf, but on the US. 

According to the magazine's source, after being holed up for so long in their country home, while also at work round the clock taking care of the kids and at the same time, performing their royal duties, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are all but ready to have a vacation. 

Why not mix rest with reconciliation? Allegedly, the very first destination they thought of getting their rest was in America so that a fab four reunion can finally happen. 

If people are skeptical about the visit or about the reunion, the source said this is just natural. Even though the same family reunion seems surprising to many, given the well-documented tension between the two boys and the two girls, the element of time cannot be discounted. Time has the great power to heal. 

The source added that this time, it was Prince William who was adamant about reconciling. It is also alleged that Prince William never lost his care and worry about his brother in the first place, despite Megxit.

William reportedly realized that life is too short to let grudges rule. He also realized that it is time to just accept the fact that unlike him, Prince Harry never felt happy and satisfied in London.

William realized that he just wants his younger brother to be happy. All the months of absence are starting to break William down, making him nostalgic.

The power of Kate Middleton should not be underestimated here. The source claimed that it was the Duchess of Cambridge who thought of the idea and the one who called up Prince Harry about it. He knew this would be something her husband would look forward to.

If the trip to American pushes through, the source revealed that Prince William and Kate Middleton are willing to spend more on their transportation.

The source claimed also that the reunion is being carried out for the kids' sake. it is about time that the royal cousins all get to play with each other and bond.  

The source also said that the reunion can end all the so-called feuds. 

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