Amanda Kloots, wife of COVID-19 inflicted Nick Cordero, just made a heartbreaking revelation about the future of the Broadway star.

On her Instagram stories on Friday, Kloots shared that she doesn't know if Nick would be able to work again if if and when he recovers from the complications caused by the coronavirus.

"We don't know if he will make it. I pray every single day of my life that he does. But if he does make it, I don't know when he'll be able to work again, if he'll ever be able to work again," Kloots said, per Fox News.

This revelation came after Kloots told CBS This Morning that her husband might need a double lung transplant in order to continue living the life he wants. To recall, Cordero also had his leg amputated due to COVID-19.

"That is most likely the possibility," Kloots told CBS This Morning Show host Gayle King. "A 99 percent chance that he would be needing that in order to live the kind of life that I know my husband would want to live. That is a long road away, and a lot of things would have to line up in order for Nick to be a candidate."

Cordero is already out of coma and is now negative of coronavirus. Nonetheless, he is still critically ill and still far from making a full recovery.

Worried About Expenses

Amanda Kloots' latest update on her husband was part of a video she made in defense of the fitness business named after her. Apparently, she has received some negative feedback for still working despite the condition of Nick Cordero and the difficult time they are facing.

However, the fitness trainer emphasized that she loves her business, which she built from the ground up. She also pointed out that she needs to keep working since she is expecting a massive hospital bill.

Nick has been in the hospital for a little over three months now, placed in the intensive care unit due to the severity of his condition.

"I have no idea what Nick's hospital bills are gonna be. I haven't even tried to wrap my head around that. I have a mortgage, I have a car payment, I have a son that is one year old that I hope to send to college one day or at least give him whatever I can. So I will continue to work. I will continue to create and I will continue to share that with people and I hope and pray that you support me in that," Kloots added.

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