Nick Cordero is still at the edge of his health after testing positive for coronavirus, but his wife, Amanda Kloots, assures that the Canadian actor is not giving up without a fight.

In an interview with CBS This Morning, Kloots gave the fans an update on Cordero, who started getting ill after contracting COVID-19 last March 2020. The Broadway star has been in the intensive care unit for three months due to the complications he has suffered due to the novel virus.

Kloots revealed that her husband might need a double lung transplant to recover and live a healthy life once again.

"That is most likely the possibility," Kloots told host Gayle King.

"A 99 percent chance that he would be needing that in order to live the kind of life that I know my husband would want to live. That is a long road away, and a lot of things would have to line up in order for Nick to be a candidate.'

While Cordero has already tested negative from COVID-19 and emerged from a medically induced coma, Kloots said that the 41-year-old actor is still "extremely weak."


Staying Positive

The 38-year-old celebrity fitness trainer also opened up about her daily hospital visits for the past three months.

"(It is a) vicious circle or the ICU dance because you just feel like you're in this momentum of going around, around, around like a hamster wheel," she said.

While the doctors have been brutally honest with her husband's condition and told her at least four times that her husband would not survive, Kloots said that she is trying to remain positive -- especially when he sees that Cordero is not giving up and continuously fighting for his life.

"He's fighting. I see it every day. Nick's doctor sees it. And as long as he's in there and fighting, I'll continue to fight with him," she added.

Kloots is also happy to share that her husband is now in a stable condition and making little progress every day. Apart from being out of coma and COVID-19, Cordero can now open his eyes and stay alert when he is awake.

He also responds to a yes or no question by looking up and down.

Moreover, Kloots is delighted to share that Cordero can now smile and move his jaw when communicating with her or the nurses.

In order to keep the positive vibe alive around her husband, Kloots said that she has maintained a routine. She is also doing it so her husband could look forward to recovering and be with his family again.

"I tell him every day before I leave, I say, 'Okay, here's what you have to focus on. The two of us sitting in our new house, Elvis is in bed," Kloots said, referring to their 1-year-old son. '

Kloots' interview came after a recent Instagram post asking her followers to continue praying for Nick's speedy recovery. She asked the "prayer warriors" to pray for Nick's body to be stronger, have a normal Ph level, and eventually get off blood pressure medicines.

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