Nick Cordero succumbed to coronavirus. After several ups and downs in his fight against COVID-19, the Broadway star passes away. He's 41.

Cordero, the Broadway actor who amassed new supporters and fans when he was diagnosed with coronavirus, died Sunday. His wife, who was at the forefront of this rallying for support, was the one who confirmed the sad news.

God has another angel in heaven," Kloots confirmed posted "My darling husband passed away this morning."

It can be remembered that Cordero had to have his legs amputated in the bid to survive this deadly virus and its complications. 

Kloots added that the actor passed away surrounded by his family, who were all singing and praying as he gently left the world. the grieving wife said she is still in shock, and naturally hurting from losing her partner in life. 

"I am in disbelief and hurting everywhere. My heart is broken as I cannot imagine our lives without him," Kloots, 38, wrote. "Nick was such a bright light."

In late March, Cordero was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. At the time, even though the pandemic was starting to rear its ugly head already, people were in generally still unaware of what damage it can cause. He was admitted to the hospital for what was initially thought as pneumonia. His first coronavirus test even came up negative. However, a repeat test showed that he was indeed, positive for the virus. 

And so his battle began. Wife Amanda made sure he did not feel alone in this fight. Even though coronavirus patients in general cannot be surrounded by people, even their family, Kloots made sure that the actor knew that he has an entire team, and even world, rallying behind him. 

Over the course of 13 weeks, Cordero undergone several serious complications, surpassing each and every one of them like a miracle. This includes like said, a leg amputation, and then infection in his lungs as well as the requirement to be inserted with a temporary pacemaker. 

However, Kloots remained positive through it all. She constantly shared updates to her followers through social media. She was very transparent about what her husband was going through, including the good and the bad. #WakeUpNick trended occasionally as co-actors, fans, and well-wishers in general sent in encouraging messages.

They even danced daily to Cordero's song "Live Your Life," to raise the spirit of the Broadway genius. 

In the course of his battle, he would sometimes showed signs of improvement. However, in the end, his multiple COVID-19 complications all proved too much for him to overcome. 

When he regained consciousness in early May after months of being comatose, it was a cause for celebration. However, the feeling of relief and hope had to be cut short when they noticed that Cordero still could not move nor talk by mid-June. Mainly, this was because he lost so much weight due to muscle atrophy.

He can't talk because of the ventilator. ... But he's awake and he's in there," Kloots shared to fans on June 18. "He's so weak. He still can't move and his muscles are definitely atrophying. He's lost 65 pounds."

His wife certainly gave her all during this battle. In one Instagram post, her wife shared how she felt. She has been told that Cordero would not make it, not just once, but repeatedly. She was even advised to say goodbye. However, her faith stood strong and her hopes remained high. 

Rest in Peace, Nick Cordero.