Meghan Markle Controlling Prince Harry? 3 Times Duchess Showed She's More Dominant

The whole world knows how much Prince Harry loves Meghan Markle. However, it seems like that feeling let Meghan's controlling attitude rule over their relationship.

Meghan became a senior royal family member after she married Prince Harry in 2018. With that, she became a princess like she always wanted to be and earned the title of the Duchess of Sussex.

However, unlike the damsel in distress often seen in fairy tales, Meghan Markle is no pushover. As cliché as it may sound, she's a strong and independent woman -- an attitude that has led her to dominated her relationship with Prince Harry.

Mentioning that, we take a look at the three moments that show Meghan as the dominant one in their relationship.

Meghan Markle PUSHED Prince Harry

As part of the Megxit countdown, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the Endeavour Fund Awards at Mansion House in London in March 2020.

Everything happened smoothly, not until a video of the duchess allegedly pushing Harry to make way for herself emerged online.

In the video captured by Daily Mail reporter Rebecca English, the royal prince can be seen talking to a lady. However, Meghan interrupted the conversation by putting her hand on her husband's back and signaling him to move and allow her to shake hands with another guest.

The "rudeness" pushed netizens to call out Meghan, though several criticis mentioned they expected the Sussex matriarch to act bossy "because she has always been like that" to Harry.

One netizen said: "She's rude af!! I can't wait for the day when she gets confronted over her behavior! She's incredibly pushy and self entitled! Wake up HARRY!!"

"I never liked the way she was always hanging on to him. Or the way she always held her bump It is a very possessive action! It says they are mine keep away!" another one wrote.

Neither Prince Harry nor the former "Suits" actress ever addressed the incident, but people were convinced at the time that Meghan Markle's controlling attitude is one of the worse characteristic she has.

Making Prince Harry Leave The Firm

During an appearance in Sky News Australia, Australian Daily Telegraph reporter Jonathan Moran told host Rita Panahi that the "weak" Prince Harry allowed Meghan's controlling behavior dictate their decision to leave the royal family.

"I think he is weak. I blame them equally. But I think they are both weak," Moran said. "I think they are pathetic. And they need to harden up and just say 'hang on, there are millions of people starving out there.'"

The royal correspondent added that Harry could have done more good things from within the royal palace. However, he gave it all up for Meghan.

Furthermore, royal author Lady Colin Campbell told FUBAR Radio's Access All Areas that has Prince Harry married another woman, the royal rift between him and Prince William would never occur and he would still be in Kensington Palace with them.

Meghan Using Archie?

Celebrity psychologist Jo Hemmings penned an article for Daily Mail wherein she claimed that Meghan has taken control of Prince Harry since they first met. However, according to her, that control only grew when they welcomed their first child..

"He always seemed vulnerable, but rarely weak, but she has convinced him over a relatively short period of time, to relinquish his close relationships, his family ties and take a leap of faith into a new life with her," Hemmings said.

Hemmings pointed out that although Meghan's behavior now is not coercive, she said that the duchess has become more manipulative.

For instance, royal watchers are aware of how Prince Harry values Meghan's approval above his own.

It is also worth nothing that even the royal staff witnessed how the Duke of Sussex uttered "what Meghan wants, Meghan gets" in front of them.

"We also have to remember that other than her mother, Meghan has no family members she is close to - quite the reverse in fact - which would suggest that she is very driven by fulfilling her own needs and may be quite narcissistic in nature," she continued.

Meghan Markle's controlling nature may be one of the biggest problems Prince Harry is facing, and only time can tell whether the sixth heir to the British throne can keep up with her.

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