The British royal family has been plagued by various controversies and scandals in the past few months, thanks to Prince Andrew. 

Two months before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle dropped their bombshell news of quitting the Firm, the Duke of York announced his resignation from public duties for the "foreseeable future" due to his association with the deceased American financier and convicted sex offender. 

In his official statement, Prince Andrew mentioned that his friendship with the billionaire New Yorker "has become a major disruption" to the institution and his charities. 

Despite stepping down from his roles, he is still under the scrutiny of the media due to the ongoing investigation on Epstein.

Over the past years, since the scandal first broke in 2005, more revelations and personalities have been involved in the said investigation. Having said that, here are the three biggest revelations in the Prince Andrew-Epstein case. 

Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts Giuffre

In January 2015, Virginia Roberts Giuffre took legal action and accused Prince Andrew of having sex with her. According to her, when she was 17 years old, she was forced by Epstein to have sex with the Duke of York.

As evidence, she provided photographs where she was with the disgraced royal and Epstein's close associate, Ghislaine Maxwell. Virginia mentioned that she first met Prince Andrew between 2001 and 2002 when Maxwell took her to the Tramp nightclub in London. 

Roberts then recalled the time when they returned to the British socialite's home and she asked Epstein to take a photo of her and the royal together. 

"Ghislaine tells me [after taking the photo], you're going to have to do for him what you do for Jeffrey. And it hit me-right after that photo was taken.... I was sexually abused by Prince Andrew for the first time," Virginia mentioned. 

Ghislaine Maxwell's Arrest

Last month, the 58-year-old socialite was arrested by the FBI on multiple charges related to the serial sexual abuse of girls and young women concerning the ongoing Prince Andrew-Epstein case. 

It was reported that more than 20 armed police and agents have taken part in the secret operation, which led to the arrest of Maxwell at her secluded 156-acre property in Bradford, New Hampshire. 

She is currently in a federal jail in Brooklyn, New York. She is facing up to 35 years in prison if convicted of the cases filed against her. 

Based on previous revelations on the case, Maxwell allegedly sent the Duke of York secret messages about "furnishing him with young women." 

Ghislaine Maxwell Accused Prince Andrew of Having "Orgy with Under-Age Girls"

Meanwhile, in the latest development in the Prince Andrew-Epstein case, the 60-year-old royal is being accused as the "powerful individual" that Maxwell mentioned to take part in "an orgy with numerous under-aged girls."

Moreover, in the same court documents, Virginia claimed on oath that the Duke of York "would know a lot of the truth" about the Epstein case. With that said, she thought that he "may be valuable" with the ongoing investigation. 

Prince Andrew previously expressed his desire to cooperate with the investigation, but it was opposed by the U.S. federal prosecutors who said that he had refused to contribute and offered "zero cooperation." 

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