Dwayne Johnson Heartbreak: The Rock Drops Devastating COVID-19 News

Dwayne Johnson, more popularly known as "The Rock," tested positive for the deadly coronavirus. Worse, his family also contracted the disease!

On an Instagram video, the actor revealed that he, his wife and two of their daughters all tested positive for COVID-19. 

It is notable, however, that he was not just worried about himself or his family but everyone. He encouraged his followers to stay disciplined and committed to being safe and healthy, which they can do by boosting their immune system, wearing masks, and being strict about people who have access to their homes. He highlighted the need for people to care of their families and care for other human beings at the same time.

The two are not mutually exclusive.

Naturally, fans' sympathy started to pour in. More so when Johnson highlighted the fact that he and his wife Lauren truly had a hard time combatting the virus and ultimately recovering from it.

"I can tell you that this has been one of the most challenging and difficult things we have ever had to endure as a family," Johnson said in the video. 

They should not worry too much though, because as emphasized by the actor, they are already "on the other end of it' and "no longer contagious."

What Johnson went through, regardless if he and his family have already recovered, is every parents' nightmare. As said in his video, getting personally infected did not scare him as much as his whole family's condition.

"This one was a real kick in the gut," Johnson said, stating that he wished it was only him who had been diagnosed with this deadly virus. 

If parents are reading the news and wondering what happened to his kids, which are always adorable whenever Johnson posted videos on his social media, the actor clarified that they are now doing okay. Jasmine, 4 and Tiana, 2 had bad sore throats but were otherwise fine.

Johnson did not elaborate their experience when they were still in the thick of the viral infection, but he hinted that theirs were so much tougher. 

He also claimed that their infection was caused by close family friends, who are now sorry because of what had happened. But then, they also did not know how they got COVID-19 in the first place.  

His experience enables him to emphasize how serious the virus is and no one should be taking it lightly. While he did not say it, his statement can be taken as words for those who dare say the virus is a hoax under some conspiracy theory.

To this day, some people refuse to wear masks, and Johnson adds to the long list of celebrities and famous personalities highlighting the need for all people to do their parts in fighting the pandemic. 

"Some of my best friends have lost their parents, their loved ones to this virus that is so incredibly relentless and unforgiving, and it is insidious," Johnson said.


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