It's Queen Bey's birthday! She is now 39, but she still does not look a day older than when she broke into the music scene. Now just one year shy of being 40, her body is so much more fit compared to some in their 20s! 

Not that her fans care for her looks as much as her talents. We are sure fans all over the world are listening to her entire catalog now to pay tribute to the queen. 

From her early days in girl band "Girl's Tyme" and "Destiny's Child" up to her 15-plus career as a solo performer, Beyonce has graced us not only with her singing voice and impressive dance moves but also with her gorgeous photos on Instagram.

One can just take a quick look at any of the pics on Beyonce's Instagram and drool. She usually promote certain social causes, such as female empowerment, on her posts as well.

Below are three pictures from the awesome Beyonce Instagram showing how pretty, sexy,  classy and powerful she is. Getting just three was such an ordeal. We stick to those she posted this year. If we go way back, we will not be done because it will be harder to choose just three.

Literally JUST a Gown and Hat

Oh my, where did Beyonce go? With a draping gown and a massive hat, it can be said that Beyonce was literally eaten by her outfit. 

But no, since this is Beyonce we are talking about, she still carried the outfit and not the other way around. No face, no hands? No problem! Her mile-long legs are visible anyway.

Exaggerated puff sleeves would look tacky on others, but not on our birthday girl. 

Beyonce Makes Green and Blue Work!

Who can pull this off, really? On this post, the singer posed in front of a fireplace wearing something no ordinary person will dare try -- silky green suit, gold-accented jewelry and a spiraling gold headdress.

She's Queen Bey, so the headdress makes sense. The blue lips does not, but on her, it's impossible to say anything bad.  

Green must be her color because we can distinctively remember her previous post, back in 2018, showing how she rocked a green number in a football field. It was both a shocking and genius move -- matching the bright green football field. Instead of making her look blended in with the field, she stood out!

On Beyonce's Instagram, she posted her entire look for that day, and it was so dorky it looked really powerful. We think it' is only her who can pull off a vibrant green outfit like that and still maintain her swag.

Her look consisted of a low-cut, single button blazer, matching form-fitting pants and white pumps. She added some cat-eye sunglasses to make it cooler than it already is. A diamond choker made the green outfit quite chic.

More Armpit?

While we feel in love with Beyonce in her bright pink silk halter, our eyes are more fixated on her smooth armpits. In a high contrast to her luxurious clothing, the artist was carrying a basket of flowers on her shoulders.

We can only hope we can look like that when we go out and carry some basket on our shoulders. Her lips are on point here, matching the exact shade of her pink number. 

All these photos are those she posted following the premiere of her "Black is King." This was not deliberate, they all just look so good! 

"Black is Kng" is Beyonce Knowles' American musical film and visual album for Disney. 

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