3 Netflix USA Shows You CANNOT Watch If the Streaming Site Is Regulated

Fifty Shades Freed

Netflix USA remains free in putting different series and films on its platform as long as it thoroughly examines them for proper tagging of restrictions.

All shows on the Netflix USA catalog have maturity ratings on each of them to help the main subscribers control other family users' viewing restrictions.

In the USA, the streaming platform uses codes depending on maturity levels: Kids, Teen, and Adult. This means that the users are responsible for what they choose to watch on the site. If they are exposed to nudity or drugs, then it is because they wanted it that way.

But if the US is to apply a strict regulation and censorship, users would have to say goodbye to the sexiest shows on the streaming platform -- including the following.

Fifty Shades Freed

The titillating journey of Fifty Shades ended with its third and final film in the trilogy, the "Fifty Shades Freed."

For fans who saw the first two films, "Fifty Shades of Grey" and "Fifty Shades Darker," they surely knew how erotic the 2018 film could be.

The risqué drama tells the marriage story of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele Grey as they continue their erotic sexual experimentation. Of course, the movie is still full of x-rated scenes despite Ana being already pregnant on the said installment.

In one of its breathtaking scenes, Christian stopped his wife from removing her bikini top while on a topless beach. Sure enough, it became the "most conservative" moment in the said flick.

365 Days

This is probably one of the best films on the mature catalog, but "365 Days" still has one of the worst reviews.

Aside from its Fifty-shades-like arousing scenes, the film also involves mafia, heroin and rape culture. The latter undoubtedly caused it to receive more thumbs down from viewers despite being a good erotic thriller.

In the middle of its growing backlash, critics said it promotes rape culture and Stockholm syndrome. Meanwhile, fans claimed that "365 days" have been unfairly maligned.

Although it has no promotion on Netflix USA, it remains among Netflix's Top 10 most-watched titles in the country, proving that not having limitations means many potential viewers.

Sex Tape

The title already shows what this Netflix USA flick is all about.

This 2014 film is a mix of rated and comedic scenes that spice up the whole story. "Sex Tape" is about the married couple Jay (Randall Park) and Annie (Cameron Diaz) who decide to take their relationship to the next level by recording a sex tape.

It contains clips of them trying every possible position within three hours.

But after they wake up, they find out that their private video, which they called "The Joy of Sex," has been publicly shared. That was when the scenes got even hotter -- and funnier -- than ever.

To conclude, "Sex Tape" is truly both a naughty and nice film that has a massive following on Netflix.

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