Netflix USA: 5 Feel-Good Movies That Will Definitely Warm Your Heart

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Netflix USA is now home tp several films and TV series with different genres, and most of them can help us get back on track again.

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and other crises in the world, one always seeks a way to escape this world for a moment. It is a good thing that there is part of Netflix USA that makes the platform a saving grace for all of us.

The streaming giant is a proud hub of several feel-good movies that can bring a little joy to your day. This can be your safe space until things get better, or you can even stream the heartwarming films for the rest of your life.

To help you kick off that hidden nostalgia in you, here are five of the most suggested films in Netflix USA that can leave wrm your heart.

About Time

There is no better way to use the power of time than to spend it for the greatest love of your life.

The 2013 film "About Time" has an easy-flowing story that centers around Tim Lake and his decision to use his family's ability to travel back in time in improve his relationship.

As advised by his father, the main protagonist pursues Mary, his love interest. But life is not as easy as it should be for Tim.

Always Be My Maybe

This Netflix USA original romantic-comedy film shows the other side of Ali Wong as a comedienne and an actress.

Along with Randall Park, the two stars create a goofy love story of two childhood friends who got separated and reconnected after 15 years.

"Always Be My Maybe" can captivate everyone's heart with its plotline of how love can still be the same after a long time.

The Pursuit of Happyness

In the past, seeing Will Smith's name and the words "tear-jerker" in one sentence seemed impossible since he has been known as one of Hollywood's best comedians.

Nevertheless, "The Pursuit of Happyness" is a story of hope and survival, and the whole film can really pinch us.

In the movie, Smith plays the role of Chris Gardener, a hard-working man who never felt appreciated. But for his son, he strives even harder after getting kicked out of their San Francisco apartment.

A truly feel-good movie for any age, "The Pursuit of Happyness" will lead you to find happiness in your own way.

A Cinderella Story

This is not your typical Cinderella love story. Forget about that glowing glass shoes as "A Cinderella Story" has its modern way to connect two lost love birds.

The Hillary Duff-led reimagining of the classic fairy tale has a modern way to let the main character find her prince charming -- through a lost cellphone.


Before Robin Williams died, he left several masterpieces that conquered even Netflix USA. One of which is a grown-up Peter Pan film, "Hook."

The classic film tells the story of Peter Pan's children, and how the boy who wouldn't grow up goes back to Neverland to save them.

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