Gigi Hadid's pregnancy is, without a doubt, one of the most-anticipated celebrity babies in the entertainment industry. That is why when her father took to Instagram with an emotional letter, fans went crazy thinking that the model just gave birth to her baby to the singer, Zayn Malik. 

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, Gigi's dad, Mohamed Hadid, penned a heartfelt letter addressed to his grandchild. 

"Hello, little grandchild, it is me, my heart as happy as can be," the 71-year-old grandpa said in a handwritten letter. 

"I wish for you the sun & moon, I wish for you a happy time. Know that grandpa's always here, I'll do anything, anything for you, my dear," he added. 

The model's father also opens up about he felt the minute he learned that his 25-year-old daughter is carrying a baby. 

"When I heard you were on the way, I smiled and wiped a tear away. I cried the tear because I knew my heart would always belong to you," Mohamed continued. 

The emotional father tagged Gigi on the said post, saying: "In the name of God [the] merciful I want to say l love you and [am] so proud of you."

The proud dad/grandpa's post immediately sparked rumors that the Gigi already gave birth to her first baby. But when a curious fan commented and confirmed the baby news, Mohamed replied with: "no, not yet."

As of writing, Mohamed's controversial post has already been taken down on his official Instagram page

It is not the first time Gigi's family members sparked birth rumors thru their social media posts. The speculation began when Gigi's sister, Bella Hadid, posted an Instagram photo expressing her love for mother-and-child. 

"June 11, 2020... two buns in the oven except mine is from my burger and gigi's is from @zayn," Bella wrote, alongside a photo of her and Gigi showing off their bellies.

 "I love you both so freaking much - can'tstopcrying," she added. 

It was in April 2020 when the news broke that Gigi is having a baby with her on-and-off boyfriend for five years. Ut was after sources close to the family revealed that Gigi and the 27-year-old former "One Direction" member are already starting a family. 

During the same month, Gigi's mother, Yolanda, also confirmed to the Dutch TV program "RTL Boulevard" that her daughter is expected to give birth by September 2020. 

"Still shocked, our little secret got leaked to the press. Of course, we are so excited," the 56-year-old former "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star said.

"I'm excited to become Oma in September, especially after I lost my mom so recently. But this is the beauty of life, one soul leaves us, and a new one comes in. We feel very blessed," she added. 

Meanwhile, TMZ reported in April that Gigi and Zayn are expecting a baby girl. Fans also speculated that the model had a gender reveal party during her 25th birthday celebration as the numbers 2 and 5 balloons have a blue and pink ribbon on it. 

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